Research and depict the three types of bookkeeping systems. Which of the three systems do you believe would be the easiest to work with in the medical office? ( Peg Board. Single Entry. Double Entry ) Why? Single entry is similar to a chequebook registry. It merely has one line entered in the diary for each dealing. Each dealing is recorded in the one column of the history. It is either a positive or a negative sum in the order to stand for the reception or expense. Single entry is highly simple and easy to utilize. The construct of dual entry is in every dealing there are two effects. These two effects are known as Debit ( Dr ) and Credit ( Cr ) . “Accounting system is based on the principal that for every Debit entry. there will ever be an equal Credit entry. This is known as the Duality Principal” ( Accounting-Simplified ) . Debit entries include. increase in assets. Addition in disbursal. lessening in liability. lessening in equity. and lessening in income. Credit entries include. lessening in assets. lessening in disbursal. addition in liability. addition in equity. and increase in income. Double entry is recorded in every mode that the history equation is ever balanced out equally. One-Write System or Pegboard provides convenience in cheque authorship that is non available in computing machine systems. Checks can be written immediately. when needed. either inside or outside the office. “The One-Write System Check Register provides an accurate transcript of every cheque written for posting to the computing machine “after the fact”” ( inkoneverything ) . Pegboard is really utile in the heathcare/medical universe. It is a individual signifier that assures the collect charges and payments are recorded right on all other signifiers. In my sentiment. I would wish to work with the pegboard system. It may be a small harder to larn but I think it would be worth it. It has everything you need to maintain an office or clinic running swimmingly financially wise. Everything will be in the system and it will be easy to look it up. Mentions

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