«Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus» is called a famous bestseller written by John Gray and it goes without saying that a considerable difference between men and women has been existing since the time these two genders appeared and we cannot discard it. However, the problem is that, sometimes gender becomes the main obstruction on the way toward people`s professional development and many people, especially young ones, are often prevented from making their dreams come true because of their gender. Nonetheless, is it reasonable enough not to allow people to choose their dream profession because of their gender affiliation?On the one hand, despite a broad range of common stereotypes we cannot exclude people from certain professions just due to their gender.

First of all, gender affiliation does not always determine people`s character and abilities. There are many men who have well-developed communicative skills and become famous speakers (Adam Khoo, Johny Bench, Zig Zag) as well as many women who are brave and intelligent enough to give some so-called «mannish professions» a try (Marie Curie at chemistry, Caroline Cherschel at astronomy or Emilie du Chatelet at math and physics ). Secondly, most of our preferences appear not just because we belong to male or female gender but due to our parents`or friends` tastes, films we watch, books we read or just some situations which somehow made an impact on our mindset. That is why we do not fully understand how we are expected to behave according to our gender affiliation until we become conscious about the world that surrounds us. However, our tastes formation begins from the first days of our life and has a strong impact on our future and on our career choice as well. As a result, there is nothing surprising when a girl, for example, wants to become a driver like her father with whom she spent a lot of time in her childhood.

On the other hand, there are some cases when it is necessary to take potential workers` gender into account, otherwise it may put their life and health at risk. For example, women in most cases are not physically strong enough for such strenuous work as minors or builders have to do. What is more, sometimes even innocent people can suffer from somebody`s wrong choice of employee`s gender. For instance, it is not likely to choose a male nanny or mistress for your kids because men are not so attentive to children`s needs. Sometimes it is typical of them not to notice some important changes in behavior or health condition which women can understand on subconscious level, especially when it comes to babies.To sum up, it is obvious that we have to suppress any kind of discrimination in the modern world and special attention should be paid to gender discrimination which is, unfortunately, very common in our society, especially on professional level. However, in all the cases we have to be guided not only by our feelings and emotions but mostly by our common sense.

Only then we will create a world in which people are happy, safe and are engaged in their favourite business.   

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