On the left you see Bran Mak Morn and his entourage in a field of heather by Michael L. Peters. This is the cover painting for the upcoming REH: Two-Gun Raconteur#15, which will have its premiere on June 10 at Howard Days in Cross Plains. As you can see, Michael has once again outdone himself, even topping last year’s El Borak cover for TGR #14. This is Michael’s second Bran Mak Morn outing having rendering an amazing four plate portfolio based on “Kings of the Night” for TGR #13.

Michael’s work has appeared in Heavy Metal Magazine, Caliber, Image, and CFD. He also sells prints of a lot of his illustrations and paintings through his website.  Several years ago he was hired by Ferris State University to create a series of pen and ink portraits of their former presidents and he has taught drawing and illustration through a local art gallery. Be sure and visit Michael’s website, which is chock full his artwork, including all the work he has done for TGR and The Chronicler of Cross Plains over the past six years. And I plan on keeping him busy for the the six years as well!

The Coming Soon page has more information on the new issue — pricing, along with pre-ordering details with be posted soon.

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