Micromax has entered into French telephone market in 2008 and within 3 old ages it has become the 3rd largest French telephone maker in India. In this period. it has focused chiefly on rural market and has become a leader in the same. Now it wants to spread out its presence within India and so on international degree.

This program incorporates advanced schemes that will use chances and address failings as outlined in the Situation Analysis. The program addresses following selling challenges: ? ? ? To place in the head of clients as their preferable trade name To concentrate more on possible urban and youth market To do a planetary presence in the marketSituation AnalysisAnalyzing current state of affairs through 4C model:
CustomersPresently Micromax is ruling the rural market. Initially the selling scheme of Micromax was to aim rural market.

They are fundamentally providing to the demand of the clients of the rural country. For illustration the first Mobile Micromax introduced in rural country was holding the battery backup of 30 yearss which was providing to the demand of the rural market of inconsistent power handiness.
RivalsMicromax knows that there are many established trade names in Mobile Phones’ industry like Nokia. Samsung.

LG and several other local every bit good as Chinese makers. Some major rivals and their scheme and strengths are identified as below: ? NOKIA – Nokia is the leader in the nomadic phone industry in India ( 38 % market portion ) . It is ruling the Indian market from old ages. Recently it is confronting jobs to retain its growing and gross revenues. But the innovator is working hard to acquire out of this. For the same ground Nokia is traveling to utilize runing system of package biggie Microsoft. So it is expected that Nokia will seek to recover its doomed market portion.
SAMSUNG – Samsung has emerged as a really healthy and outstanding rival in the market.

Samsung is backed with the high quality and professional squad in the R & A ; D country. Advanced merchandises specially smart phones and Galaxy series from Samsung are governing in the market. So it is expected that with the increasing demand of nomadic phones Samsung will seek to retain and increase its market portion.APPLE – Apple is one of the most major rivals in this industry. Slick. stylish and advanced phones of Apple are driving brainsick to its users. Apple is sharply come ining Indian market with its astonishing iPhone series.

Other domestic participants – Other participants like Karbon. Spice. Lava etc have more or less the same market scheme. Chinese makers – Some of the Chinese makers have already entered the Indian market.

These makers have priced their Mobiles really low. So these makers are expected to turn as with the demand. Assorted comparative analyses show that the market portions of Nokia fell drastically while that of Samsung rose imposingly. Besides Samsung’s growing. market besides witnessed the growing of the local makers ( 36 % of the market portion ) . The most outstanding local maker with a market portion of 7 % is Micromax.Lava 8 %Others 11 % Micro max 45 % LG 4 %Others 22 %Spice 16 % Karbon 20 %Nokia 38 %Domestic 20 % Samsung 17 %Courtesy: IDC study on growing of nomadic gross revenues in India. 2011 Figure 1: Market portion of assorted French telephone makers in India in 2011 So in this emerging and demanding market.

still Micromax has a batch to accomplish to be a leader in nomadic phones’ industry.CompanyIt was in 2008 that four friends. Rajesh Agarwal. Sumeet Arora. Rahul Sharma and Vikas Jain. came together and decided to diversify their IT hardware distribution concern and get down doing nomadic phones. The move towards selling French telephones was a natural patterned advance. With a Cost Leadership Business scheme Micromax entered into Indian rural market.

And within 3 old ages of operation they have become the 3rd largest selling company in India. Micromax is be aftering to establish an IPO of 2. 15 crore portions to raise around Rs 2260 million. The major portion of the money raised will be used in puting a new fabrication works in Tamil Nadu and the remainder in geting extra market portion.
ContextIndia is the 2nd largest and the fastest turning telecom market in the universe in footings of figure of wireless connexions. harmonizing to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( the “TRAI” ) .

Presently around 250 million French telephones are sold yearly. By 2014. it is expected to turn to around 400 million French telephones.

While wireless incursion in urban countries has increased significantly over the last few old ages. rural and semi-urban countries continue to be under-penetrated. The medium ASP section is likely to be the fastest turning with 240 million French telephones in 2014 ( Beginning: Analysys Mason )Market chances and issuesThe Indian nomadic French telephone market is expected to turn from a sum of 151 million French telephones for the 12 month period ended December 31. 2009 to 402 million French telephones for the 12 month period ended December 31. 2014. The growing in the Indian nomadic French telephone market is likely to be driven by the replacing French telephone market instead than new user add-ons.

Within the replacing French telephone market. the medium ASP device market is likely to turn the fastest. ( Beginning: Analysys Mason ) Replacement rhythm: The growing in the Indian nomadic French telephone market is likely to be driven by the replacing French telephone market instead than new user add-ons.
The replacing market is expected to turn from 118 million French telephones for the 12 month period ended December 31. 2010. representing 62.

77 % of overall Indian Mobile French telephone market. to 359 million French telephones for the 12 month period ended December 31. 2014.

representing 89. 30 % of overall Indian Mobile French telephone market. 3G concern: 3G service is an emerging engineering in India. 3G engineering provides growing chances through multiple avenues including up step to 3G compatible nomadic French telephones and nomadic informations cards. Value added services: Traveling frontward. the demand for more sophisticated and advanced electronic mail and multimedia based services. every bit good as gambling.

music and picture related offerings is likely to fuel growing in VAS. We believe the coming of 3G will besides add drift to the growing of the VAS market due to 3G’s faster web capablenesss.Twelve month Twelve month Twelve month Twelve month Twelve month ended 31 ended 31 ended 31 ended 31 ended 31 December December December December December 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014SWOT AnalysisStrengths: Advanced merchandises and features- Marathon battery Mobile phones with a 30-day battery life. phone which is programmable as a cosmopolitan distant control. gravitation phones are some of the characteristics which have increased the popularity of the merchandise.

Low cost of production – With its workss located in China. Micromax bears a low cost in production due to handiness of labor at cheaper rates. Effective publicity campaigns- Micromax has been advancing its merchandises through celebrated famous persons and has besides had tie ups with MTV. Failings: Weak trade name image in urban areas- Micromax has still non been able to set up itself good in the urban market as its chief concentration had been on the rural population.
Percept of low-quality Chinese brand- Micromax has a fabrication unit set up in China which has strengthened this perceptual experience among people. Opportunities: Increase incursion in urban market- Since Micromax has non yet entered this market ; it has a really immense chance to set up itself in this market. Entry into international markets- Micromax has the possible to do its presence felt on planetary graduated table finally as it establishes itself in the domestic market. Menaces: Increasing competition from local and international players- With good established participants like Nokia.

Samsung. etc Micromax faces a tough competition from these participants. Replication of concern theoretical account by competitors- Micromax’s concern theoretical account has been replicated by many new participants which once more pose a menace to Micromax.AimsPresent aims: 1. Concentrate on urban market specially youth 18-25 old ages To increase presence in urban market. Micromax is concentrating on urban young person of age group 18-25 old ages.

2. Focus on smart phones As smart phone is traveling to be the hereafter of nomadic market. Micromax has started concentrating on smart phones. It has decided to establish more smart phones in the market. For 2012-2013: 1. Concentrate on urban market at big: On capturing major portion of urban young person market. for following two old ages Micromax needs to concentrate on urban market at big like seiner citizens.

physically handicapped etc. 2. Focus on smart phones every bit good as tablets: Micromax needs to go on concentrate on smart phones and launch more merchandises and besides it needs to concentrate on tablet market. For 2014: 1. To get down new works and range market portion of 20 % : To increase market portion.

it is indispensable to increase production capacity. Micromax has programs to get down a new works in Tamil Nadu. With the aid of this new works. it will be able to make a market portion of 20 % . 2. Focus on international markets: On doing strong focal point on rural market and urban market in India.

Micromax needs to spread out to international markets and enter into neighboring Indian states. south African states etc.
Market CleavageDesignation of the right market section is an of import measure to come in any market. Micromax X1i Market Segment: Rural Market • Custmoer Need: Applaudable battery back-up and low monetary value. • Corresponding Features: 30 yearss battery backup and priced at Rs. 2.

150 Micromax GC360 Market Segment: Working Executives/ Professionals • Customer Need: A individual phone with Business and Private usage with sepearate Numberss and measures. • Major Matching Feature: GSM + CDMA Micromax ezpad Market Segment: Texting and Chatting Freak young person • Customer Need: Faster messaging • Major Corresponding Feature: QWERTY keypad Micromax X111 Market Segment: Multimedia Users • Customer Need: Telephones with all multimedia characteristics to bask music. capturing minutes as exposures and pictures. • Major Matching Feature: Assorted music format support ( mp3. wav etc. ) .

Camera with picture entering support
Micromax Bling 2Market Section: Urban Women • Customer Need: Stylish. slipperiness and animal Mobile phones. • Major Matching Feature: Sensues design to pull adult females ( Diamond ) Micromax A70 Market Segment: Young person • Customer Need: Compact phones with all latest characteristics.

• Major Matching Feature: Touch Screen. High declaration Camera. Large informations storage capacity. Powered by 3G.
Target marketsFashion Savvy Women Youth ProfessionalsTarget1. Targeting adult females On the juncture of Mother’s Day. Micromax announced the launch of its latest Android phone targeted at adult females. Micromax has started pre-booking of Bling2.

which is 3G and GPS enabled. has characteristics like Swarovski keys. 3 megapixel camera. and 32GB external memory. Bling 2 characteristics Android 2. 2. 2. 8 inch show.

3MP camera. 32GB microSD card support and WiFi along with the usual GPS. Bluetooth and 3.

5 mm headset doodly-squat.
2. Target Youth As smart phones are future of telecommunication industry. Micromax has started concentrating on it strongly. After the launch of first Android Phone before 3 months ago. Micromax is ready to establish another Android Phone Micromax A70 in India. New Smartphone will run on Android 2.

2 Froyo. As the guess is that Micromax A70 will come at low-cost monetary value and with 3G every bit good. Micromax A70 will come in the market and it will be in the competition with Google Nexus and HTC Desire smart phones. Micromax Android Mobile Micromax A70 will come with the advanced characteristics like 3.

2-inch HVGA capacitive touch screen show. 5 megapixel autofocus camera & A ; forepart is a VGA camera for picture call. Wi-Fi. 3. Target Professionals Professionals maintain two phones in today’s life: • • • One for Professional usage One for Personal usageMicromax will come up with Dual SIM nomadic phones. Micromax has to concentrate on this mark to provide demand “A individual phone with Business and Private usage with separate Numberss and bills” .Besides this. Micromax has to acquire into the Tablet Market to increase the market portion.

Selling SchemeOur selling scheme is to better the visibleness in the urban markets by bettering consciousness of clients for our merchandises and besides constructing trade name image.
Merchandise SchemeOn the merchandise side. Micromax has a broad scope of phones with different characteristics and therefore offering assortment to the clients.

Micromax has a batch of interesting and thoughtful merchandises. Micromax has been able to successfully place the demands of clients and design merchandises suitably. Micromax believes that consumers in India have alone penchants with regard to nomadic French telephones such as long battery life. double GSM capableness. low-priced QWERTY phones. cosmopolitan distant control and bet oning phones. Besides. the company has invested to a great extent in the merchandise development as of now to gaining control market portion in urban market it is coming out with new theoretical accounts:
Micromax realized that intense competition between telecom service suppliers forced clients to keep two connexions.

and hence it launched a broad scope of dual-SIM phones. which forms about 85 % of its merchandise portfolio as compared to market leader Nokia which introduced one merely late. Because people are by and large used to transporting two Mobiles – one for professional work and other for personal usage. So double sim phones can function the both the intent in a individual phone. Android based operating system phones are a proving to be a immense success and a fad in young person market and professionals because of its huge applications and new applications which are developed on an mundane footing. And besides office paperss support.

push mail. etc besides aid in fulfilling the demands of professionals in a ready to hand manner. So coming out with these phones. we have a immense potency market to work upon.

Introduction of Tablets by 2012-13 will once more assist in functioning the advanced engineering demands of professional as it is considered to be about a replacement of laptop with large screen. advanced characteristics. etc. Large buttons based easy to utilize phones which do non hold high characteristics but are utile to function the senior age section as they want easiness of usage and are at a really low monetary valuePricing Scheme:It’s at the nucleus of Micromax to function the clients by turn outing them with lower cost.

value for money merchandises. Thus Micromax will follow incursion pricing in the urban market because puting our merchandise at a lower cost will function our intent and do the client reconsideration before purchasing other rivals merchandise such as Nokia. Samsung.

etc which are at a high monetary value section. So with a lower monetary value we will be supplying with about same functionality which in bend will assist us in deriving a better portion in the urban market as they besides want lower monetary values phones with higher functionalities which has been proved by our selling study.
Promotion StrategyThe motivation of our scheme is to increase our visibleness in the urban markets.

So doing people cognizant about Micromax we will incur high promotional disbursals and these will be in footings of: Billboards and streamers outside colleges. in public topographic points. corporate topographic points and promenades with latest merchandises and updates. Advertising online which include purchasing up infinite in extremely browsed sites such as rediff.

yokel. etc. Besides.

It has planned to be more active online on Facebok. Twitter and other societal networking sites as it’s a low cost publicity doing planetary presence and tool holding international market. It has planned to better its visibleness by web logs sites and besides on the sites dedicated to reappraisals and remarks of nomadic phones.

It is taking at roll uping with telecom suppliers like Vodafone and Airtel which will function as a base in edifice trade name image by tie ining our names with them. They have besides aimed at higher advertizements through Television. wirelesss. etc which serve big figure of clients. Better after gross revenues service by supplying increased guarantee on gross revenues of nomadic phones from 1 twelvemonth to 2 old ages. Presently rivals are turn outing with merely 1 twelvemonth guarantee so this will supply us foremost mover advantage and besides create trade name image into the heads of clients.

Sponsoring in the societal cause events as clients in urban countries are more cognizant and inclined towards companies carry throughing societal duties and besides it will do them aware of us and eventually constructing trade name image.
Introducing exchange strategies where a purchaser can convey in his old nomadic phone and acquire an extra price reduction of 5 % – 10 % on new Micromax Mobile phones which would assist us in deriving market portion of our rivals.Topographic point StrategyWe can put our merchandises in some popular nomadic phone retail shops such as Sangeetha. The Mobile Store.

trust digital. Croma. etc. We will bind up with local distributers for easy handiness for those who don’t visit popular retail shops or happen it easy to buy it from nearby shops. We can besides sell our phones online by join forcesing with Future Bazaar which is an enterprise by Big Bazaar. etc.
Distribution schemeUnder it we will hold two theoretical accounts:First.

we have concern to consumer ( B2C ) theoretical account which follows this hierarchy:
Manufacturer Distributor Dealer Retailer CustomerSo under it we will Offer higher borders to traders upto 15 % . which is higher than the industry norm of 6-10 % at presentOffering its distributers a higher border of 5 % as compared to 2 % of Nokia and others.Improved inducements to traders and distributers will assist us in perforating deeper into the urban markets. Therefore.

doing it easy available so as wherever a client goes to purchase nomadic phone he will besides be introduced and offered Micromax phones or he will hold a expression of it. Second. we have concern to concern ( B2B ) theoretical account in which we will hold corporate merchandising through corporate tie ups with major corporate and will be supplying them at a less than market monetary value as we will be salvaging on the committee to traders and distributers. Therefore. assisting us to make our mark market of professional.Manufacturer Corporate SellingCustomer Acquisition and RetentionSupplying better after gross revenues services through increased guarantee of 2 old ages.

thereby doing the client think of dependability of our merchandise. Exchange offers will besides be a major tool for client keeping as the client will be acquiring extra price reduction on the new Micromax phone he buys by interchanging the older 1. Thus this will assist make a concatenation of minutess with clients.

Research MethodologyThe information was collected through both the primary every bit good as secondary beginnings. The primary beginning of the information is the users of assorted nomadic French telephone users. The beginnings of secondary informations are the web sites and company catalogues.
Method of Data CollectionBeginnings of Datas: a ) Primary Data: Primary informations was collected through direct communicating with the respondents.

The study was performed through a structured questionnaire. We approached local people of BSR Mantralya. HSR Layout and Koramalngla.
B ) Secondary Data: The beginnings of secondary informations were the web sites of assorted nomadic suppliers. catalogues of assorted Mobiles. newspapers. magazines etc.

Findingss and AnalysisAge group of Respondentsabove 45 16 % 36-45 19 % 26-35 27 %
15-25 38 %The study which was conducted through a structured questionnaire and from the consequence of the study we found that the respondents were fundamentally more from the immature age group ( 1525 old ages ) and the on the job professionals ( 26-35 old ages ) .Income Group of Respondents300000 & A ; above 11 %
150000300000 16 %50000-150000 25 %
Less than 50000 48 %Another determination from the study was that the users of Micromax were fundamentally holding lower income ( Say less than Rs. 50000 yearly ) .

So this showed that the trade name has impact because of its low monetary value scheme along with new characteristics and thought. When we asked people what they think before purchasing a new phone?Reason to Opt for MicromaxGood repute 14 %
Features 44 %Low monetary value 24 % Brand quality 18 %The findings from the consequence of study were that most of them are looking for good characteristics along with low monetary value.So the study which was conducted showed us the roadmap to the scheme we are traveling to concentrate on. Performance Dashboard Market portion:60 %54 %50 %40 %39 % 33 % 33 % 25 % 14 % 10 % 4 % 17 % 11 % 7 %

NokiaSamsung Micromax Domestic
30 %20 % 10 % 0 % 2009From 2009 to 2011

20112012-13Market leader Nokia’s portion has come down to 39 % . Samsung and Micromax portions have increased. From 2011 to 2012-13 For following two old ages.

due to Nokia’s trade name edifice exercising its market portion will non fall as it fell between 2009-11. Samsung will go on to turn to 25 % . Therefore. Micromax’s growing will be mostly by taking the portion of other domestic participants in the market. Production capacity: Micromax’s new works in Tamil Nadu will be functional from the terminal of twelvemonth 2012. The sum will be raised through an IPO.

With this. the production capacity will increase exponentially after 2012. It’s estimated to make 75 million by 2015.

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