Name Joan tot Arc. From approximately 2 until DADA Septets Cazenovia ruled Syria and led her armies on horseback into battle wearing full armor.

She successfully repelled the Roman advance forcing them to retreat from Asia Minor. Other countries in the region such as Arabia, Armenia and Persia were so impressed with her victory that they allied themselves with her. One of the most famous female solider and military leaders is Saint Joan of Arc. At the age of seventeen she led the French army to several victories during the Hundred Years’ War paving the way for the coronation f Charles VII of France.While the question of women being able to serve in combat isn’t new, there are new opponents at the ready offering their viewpoint as to why it is wrong.

Retired Let. Gene. Jerry Booking is the executive vice president of The Family Research Council, a Christian conservative advocacy group. He claims that drafting women to serve in combat will place “unnecessary burdens” on military leaders and is merely a “social experiment”.

Another opponent is Elaine Donnelly who heads up the Center for Military Readiness, a conservative public policy organization based in he state of Michigan.Donnelly argues that the decision to allow women to serve in combat was being enacted merely to “achieve a political end in the name of diversity’. Lastly, Heather MacDonald, a writer for the National Review, states that women and men are Just too biologically different. She argues “The number of women who are the equal to reasonably well-developed men in upper-body strength and who have the same stamina and endurance is vanishingly small. ” Furthermore, she states “putting both genders in close quarters will result in a proliferation of sex, favoritism and an increase of sexual assault cases.

Although there are many good arguments which stir up doubt on whether women should be allowed to fight along men in combat, historical fact shows us that women can do a good Job, if not a better job, than men in a combat role. A lot of women are not fit for combat Just as a lot of men are also not fit for combat, but if a woman can pass all the rigors of boot camp, fulfill the military training in becoming a solider, and has the mental composition to endure the stress of combat, then she deserves the right to serve alongside her allow solider during time of war.Pentagon figures show that as of Jan. 3, 110 women had been killed in the war in Iraq compared with about 4,300 men. In the Afghanistan campaign, 24 women have been killed compared with more than 1,400 men.

This gives testimony that women are as patriotic and as willing to lay their lives down for their country as men. Opponents state that women may not have the necessary strength and stamina as men; other countries have utilized women very effectively in combat behind enemy lines. Whether you are a proponent or an opponent on this matter, let history speaks for itself.Women who serve in combat during war is not a new concept and men have not always been the ones to lead on the front lines. Physical differences are not enough to exclude women from being great soldiers. During wartime the U.

S. Can only benefit by tapping into another resource to fill combat roles with qualified, able-bodied individuals who Just happen to be women. The next draft to include women may even make its mark on history finding its next great female military leader.

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