The Start of It All Mines View Park was one of the premier tourist spots in the city of Baggie, featuring an observation deck which provides a breath-taking view of the rounding mountains of the Cordilleras and the gold and copper mines of Outgoing, Bungee. That is, until the Department of Tourism, in 2003, threatened to remove it from its list of tourist spots because of the souvenir shops that cluttered the area around the famous view deck, which they deemed unsightly.

In an attempt to regain its past reputation and to clear the way towards the view deck, the City Council, in August 12, 2003, proposed the construction of the Mines View Park Multipurpose Satellite Market, wherein the “unsightly’ stalls were to be relocated. Priority was given to the members of the Mines View Open Market Association, whose stalls were the ones directly concerned with the issue of clutter and crowding. The City Council then approved of the construction in March 17, 2004, contracting Goldbrick Construction and Trading as the main builders for the project.Goldbrick Construction was represented by William T. Go. A budget of P 17, 604, 568. 76 was approved by then City Mayor Bernard M.

Average. However, in 2005, the Department of Tourism, upon seeing that the vendors remained unregulated, persisted in removing Mines View Park from its list of tourist spots, saying that it has become a commercial center instead. Because of this, the phases of the construction was revised; instead of two stages, Phase I and Phase II tot the project were combined in 2007 to speed up the process tot relocating the stalls of the Mines View Open Market Association.Total costs reached 33 million pesos?but, unfortunately, shortage of funds delayed the project until the year after, when the lack of POP, 200, 000 was granted by the City Council. According to the City Buildings and Architecture Office, the estimates they prepared in October 2007 tallied with the actual costs; however, only half of the estimates was granted to them, thereby delaying the progress of construction. In October 24, 2011, Goldbrick Trading and Construction turned over the newly- constructed four-storey building to the General Services Office (SO).

First Reliable Builders, contracted by the SO, is now in charge of constructing additional fixtures inside the building. More than 25 stalls, each measuring about half a meter, occupy every floor; a “Green Garden” in the uppermost floor is provided for plant vendors. The Barraging Hall will be moved to the fourth floor of the Satellite Market, as well as a daycare and the Barraging Health Office. The building is equipped with working Sects and is complete with city utility services such as running water and electricity.

There are also security guards on patrol.The SO supervises the construction of the satellite market, and conducts inspection every Thursday and Friday. According to Runoff R. Ballad from the SO, after the relocation of the vendors, the satellite market would be facing the possibility of prevarication. However, this is not clear yet, as tentative dates for the transfer are still being discussed. The Pros According to Marco’s Sloan, also from the General Services Office, the instruction of the Mines View Satellite Market provides organization and centralization of the souvenir shops in Mines View Park, because then they will be able to keep track of stalls with no permits.Also, since the Mines View Park is no longer considered as a tourist spot, clearing up of the stalls surrounding the view deck is beneficial to restoring the beauty and reputation of the park. There are also plans to develop the par k into cometh n ca Garden.

The Cons The main problem, according to Ate Sass (who refused to give her full name), 36 years old and a stallholder for almost six years, was the rates. Relocation of their stalls was inevitable, she said, but the rates proposed by the City Council were unreasonable for a business with small and seasonal income that booms only during vacation time. Okay Lang as akin nag managed, baste worth it nag space,” she said, “per angina OK an young Bibb, at nag lilt tale. ” According to her, the City Council did not give them opportunities to voice out their concerns about the sizes of the stalls; they were Just informed that they had to relocate sometime around September 1 5 to the first week of October this year. Also, with stalls that small and that cramped, business opportunities might be monopolized later on by stalls in front of the satellite market, said Ate Sass. There are, after all, 201 stalls in the Mines View Open Market, their merchandise Just varying from garments to sweets.

Tourists, opines Ate Sass, will not trek up the satellite market Just to buy souvenir items that are accessible in the ground floor stalls. Ate Sass also worries about their safety in the building. According to different vendors in front of the satellite market, upon the construction of the said building, racks emerged in the middle of the road, making one side higher that the other.

Some residents of the Mines View Barraging also said that the construction site was a risky place to build a four-storey building in, since the soil was soft and prone to sinking.The SO refuses to comment on these issues. According to Ate Joanne (who also refused to give her full name), a ten-year store owner, most of her fellow vendors don’t want to transfer into the satellite market since most of them didn’t have permits to sell souvenir items; most shops were Just makeshift extensions of existing stalls.

Also, some stalls were delinquents in paying .NET to the Mines View Open Market Association because their small income couldn’t afford it.Recent Developments After conducting an ocular inspection last September 24, the City Council approved of the reduced rates proposed by the Local Finance Committee (ELF). From the original proposal’s average of around P 4,300 per stall every month, the rates were reduced to around 5 5 per cent Witt the urging tot the ELF and Councilor Pearlier Chain-Render, Chairperson of the Committee on Market.

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