Mississippi Burning Essay, Research Paper

Mississippi combustion

The film is about the racism in Mississippi in the 1960ss. It s about the Ku Klux Klan who terrorised anyone with the incorrect coloring material. They Ku Klux Klan burned down their houses, they looked down on every one who was non white, and they had no regard for anyone outside Mississippi.

The narrative is told in the twelvemonth 1964 in a small town outside Mississippi, called Jessup County. The people who live there are husbandmans, and they are reasonably much isolated from the remainder of the universe. The constabulary are corrupt, and they support the Ku Klux Klan, or the KKK as they besides are called. If anything happens the constabulary see nil, and so no 1 talks about it.

Then one twenty-four hours, 3 immature work forces all of a sudden disappear after a visit to Jessup County, and no 1 pretends to hear about it. The immature work forces were sent to speak about the civil rights, it was two white work forces, and one black. After some clip FBI sends two work forces Anderson and Ward, to unclutter up the pursuit. Mr. Anderson is the younger foreman with merely a small experience, and Mr. Ward is the old bull who has a batch of modus operandi, and his ain methods.

They have merely been at that place for a twosome off yearss before they find out that there is something incorrect. So Mr. Anderson calls for a batch of backup, and he buys an old motel and builds up a headquarter. Mr. Ward is against the thought, because the citizens in the town can non wish that there are a batch of aliens who mess around in their town.

After some clip the Ku Klux Klan gets huffy and Burnss down a batch of houses and Mr. Anderson is acquiring more and more defeated. He asks Mr. Ward were all that hate comes from Mr. Ward tells him an old narrative about his male parent who was

an old farmer and his neighbour who were black. One the day the neighbour buys a mule, with the mule he can plough his field a lot faster, he quickly gets richer and buys a new field. Then one day the neighbour finds his mule dead, someone had put poison in the mule s water. No one never mentioned the mule when they where near Mr. Ward s father. Mr. Ward tells the story because some of the hate comes from envious to the wrong coloured Many Southerner has this hate because they feel that they are better than the foreigners, and that they have no rights because they are, or were slaves. And therefor will the white race in for example Jessup County not allow the black men to get to rich. The Ku Klux Klan is very extreme in their methods, and in the movie we see how they burn down houses, how they beat up women and children in a church, and how they beat up every one who say something to the FBI. In Jessup County the Ku Klux Klan could do what they wanted because the sheriff and the rest of the police were members of the Ku Klux Klan. In the movie the Ku Klux Klan wizard or the boss is Clayton Townley a local business man. And that shows that it s no one special who is in the Klan, it can be the local barber, or the police. It s the men who you can see in the street life, but when they put on their costumes they act like psychos. It s terribly to see that such a big racist problem can happen in this century. It s terribly to see that you can t trust anyone, not even the police, because they also are racists. The movie comes around a lot of problems, and shows a lot of sides you never thought possibly. I like the way the movie is build up on. With the young FBI agent who is very naive and the old agent who had tried everything, and has his own special methods.

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