The show “Modern Family” is one of the most successful situation comedy on telecasting today. The show depicts a sum of three households. a parental household. ( Jay and Gloria ) and the households of the two adult siblings. ( Mitchell & A ; Claire ) . Claire is married to Phil and has three kids of their ain.

while Mitchell is a homosexual male parent with a live-in hubby. Cameron. The on-screen worldview of the households are really unfastened with an about anything goes attitude that is based on an atheist or an agnostics position. The limited sum of shows that I watched did non expose any mentions to God. The household values portrayed the “New Normal” . that is presently being offered on many new telecasting shows. On the show.

I witnessed a batch of blithe minutes that made merriment of the life picks that each character made. and how different characters resolved them. The comedy is situational.

and quandary faced are frequently real-life. but offer capricious. blithe solutions.The shows worldview is secular.

but adheres to specifying the “New Normal” in its application. The three households all interact with each other and depict three different types of families. all get bying with mundane jobs that define that peculiar group. When covering with cheery issues. Mitchel and Cameron are in the bow front offering an overdone expression and position.

Family issues are addressed by Phil and Claire. and how they interact with parenting of their three kids. Jay and Gloria trade with life from point of view of an aging male parent. who marries a younger adult female. who is presently pregnant with his kid. The shows nucleus values are slackly interlacing with criterions and patterns that suggest an anything is “OK” attitude.

which would be expressed by secular humanist. Observations of this show are based on my ain personal up-bring and how we handled different state of affairss in our lives. My Christian parents would non hold been so demuring of two work forces populating together.Our household believed that matrimony is between a adult male and a adult female. “‘Do non hold sexual dealingss with a adult male as one does with a adult female ; that is detestable” . ( Leviticus 18: 22.

NIV ) . Our household values were centered on our Catholic religion. whereas we believed and trusted in the Lord. In the show. Phil ( hubby of Claire ) is portrayed as being a weak male parent figure.

who is frequently laughed at and scorned by his household. He invariably wants to be everyone’s friend and does non fall into the function of a strong and steering force within his household. In contrast. my male parent was the caput of our family. and for a long clip he was the exclusive supplier. Both church and supplication were a big portion of our day-to-day lives. These are beliefs and traditions that I have passed onto my household.

My positions are in direct contrast to this situation comedy. Its impact on my household is really small since I am non a regular spectator and the show is a negative influence on my personal worldview. I believe that the influence of this show on the American populace is limited in range.

Many people watch and except the shows premiss for what it is. merely a amusing comedy that truly has no existent value or worth. Other people will see it as an illustration of how a modern household should act and make those same kineticss in their family. I see this show as a negative influence when it comes to the household.Television has a manner of determining public sentiment. If adequate similar scheduling is available. we as a society tend to accept the “New Normal” without inquiry.

In decision. the show “Modern Family. ” is a portraiture of the American household that presents an atheist position on life. I saw no mention to God or even a little suggestion that the household has a spiritual background. In today’s society the household is ever being redefined by the media and has no spiritual penetration.

Television webs record on societal and moral issues is really hapless. The telecasting executives believe the theory that they are unfastened and honest. and present a merchandise that the public wants. Modern Family is one networks’ reply to what is considered the “New Normal” .

in today society.

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