Module 5

2.  Using
either yourself or someone you know as an example, describe a status set of an
individual using at least 5 statuses. Which of these statuses are ascribed and
which are achieved? Does this individual have a master status? Describe some corresponding
roles for each of the statuses. Where might this individual experience role
strain? What about role conflict?

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   Throughout life everyone gets labeled with
different statuses because that is what society does. That is the way society
defines you and how you fit in. The statuses that a person is define with can
stay with them or it can be changed throughout their life. For example, if you
were in the lower class as a child and later in the future as an adult you land
in the upper class than your status has changed in the eye of society.
Socializing in society is important and in order for a person to get by and
socialize in society he or she depends on their statues. Based on their
statuses it shows how they will interact with society. Social statues “are
positions that individuals hold in the social world” (Aguilera) and are based
upon the status some individual holds because that is what society labeled
them. Ascribed, achieved, and master are the three key components to making these

       To begin what is an ascribed status?
According to the module 5 ascribed status is one that is “Assigned to at birth
and do not change during the individual’s lifetime.” (Aguilera) In order to
explain this type of status I will use me being Mexican and a female. I was
born with these traits and I cannot change them. I mean maybe my physical appearance,
but me being born a female is never going to change. For my ethnicity, I cannot
change them because I inherit them form my parents. According again to
Professor Aguilera’s the definition he had for achieved status was “statuses
that are chosen or earned by decisions one makes or by personal ability.” An
example that I can use to define this term using my personal life would be that
I was able to get an education. Not many people can afford and education and I
am lucky enough to finish high school and continue onto to college. My mom was
able to finish High school, but not continue to college because of money. My
dad was not able to continue to middle school because he has to start working at
a young age due to the death of my grandpa. What I am trying to say is that I
was able to move onto college and get this title of being a college student. Another
achieved status that I was able to gain was learning how to love myself. I
guess it was an achieved status because I do not think everyone can do that. In
high school, I wouldn’t like myself as a person because I would always try to
change in order to fit in. Once I came to college it was different. I saw that
everyone had different personalities and they really bother if they fit or not.
In other words, I learn how to improve my self-esteem. Next, we have Master
status. Master status means “are most important and take precedence over others”
another definition coming from the module slides. When it comes to my personal
life I think I my master status is that I don’t come from a wealthy family. I
come from a low-income family, sometimes we have our struggles paying bills and
for me to come to college is amazing. When it comes to being in a low-income
family you really cannot do much, it stops you from doing so much. It is a significant
part of my life. I hope that it will change later in the future when I finish college
and try to get a good job in computer engineering.

     Roles is another key word when it comes to
talking about society. Roles according to Professor Aguilera is the “expected
behaviors, rights, and obligations associated with status.” Based on my
statuses society expects me behave and react a certain way. For instance, I am
Mexican right and most people do not really see Mexican going to school and
pursuing a career. The Mexican race is seen low, as in we might give up fast
and end up working in labor. Of course, with today’s president we are seen far
more worse, “they are rapist, drug dealers, immigrants, etc…” I was born a
female, I cannot do nothing about it, but being a female apparently is bad.
Females are not treated equally as men, we are seen as weak, housewives, cannot
do anything a male can, etc. For example, I want to major in engineering and it
scares me because not many women do engineering because it is supposedly a male
career. I hope to add the little percentage of women engineering in the future
and show that women too can pursue a career in engineering.

  Roles play a great part in society and every
individual may encounter some problems because of those roles. For instance,
role strain is “tension between roles within a status” and role conflict is “conflict
between the roles of two or more statuses.” (Aguilera).  When it comes to me dealing with role strain I
think I can say college. In order to pursue a career in engineering I have to
work so hard and do the best I can. With engineering, already being more male than
female it might be hard for me to find a job. I would have to do extra stuff,
internships outside of school, practically anything that would make me look
good in order to get a job. As for role conflict, working and school come to
play. I have to balance working hard at school and working at a job.

Module 9

5. On average, men earn more money than
women do for performing the same job with the same level of education and
experience. Explain this phenomenon from the three-main different sociological
perspectives (symbolic interactionist, structural-functionalist, and conflict).

     The male race in today’s
world is more superior and is seen better. As for the women race they are seen
weak, they are nowhere near as superior as men.  The roles that women played were household
chores, while the men did the hard-working stuff (labor). Throughout time
reaching modern day time, women started gaining more roles, freedom, and
rights. A movement like the feminist movement was trying to gain gender
equality. They did this to places where men were being paid more than the
women. Men throughout time have just always tend to get paid more just because
that, being a man. Even if both genders have the same level of education or
experience, the male gender will still be paid a higher salary. It is unfair,
but this happens because society has been shaped to think that men are more
capable than women. Symbolic interactionist, structural-functionalist, and
conflict are different sociological perspectives that can be used to describe
the inequality between the male and female gender.

      Why does the male gender earn more than
the female gender? This type of question can be answered and understood through
symbolic interactionist. Symbolic interactionist explains how “gender is
socially constructed” and it also explains the “differences come to be regarded
as symbols that differentiate rights and rewards in society” according to the
lecture slides in module 9 (Aguilera). Gender is not based biologically, but
gender is socially defined. First of all, gender according to the slides in
module 9 is defined as “learned and created, refers to socially construction notions
of masculinity and femininity.” It is society that labels men as more superior
than women. For example, the male gender is seen as better than the women, that
means they are more masculine and are capable to do more things than what the
female gender can do. It is because of how society has let men be the better
gender that is why men are paid more than women. This is to be the socially
constructed image created by society.

    How does structural-functionalist
perspective come to play when it comes to seeing the difference between the
male and female gender roles. Structural-functionalist is “each sex has role to
play in the interdependent groups and institutions of society.” (Aguilera).
Society is to blame on how the male gender and the female gender are seen differently.
I guess by doing this society thinks they could maintain a function. In order
for our society to function the way that is does it needs two complimentary
roles which are expressive and instrumental. Males are connected to instrumental
functions. For example, they are responsible for the income in the household,
being the one that has more power in the house, and the male also is the one
who disciplines the children. I think otherwise on the discipline kids because
my mom in our household is the one that shows the rules in the house to the
kids and discipline them. When it comes to the female gender are connected with
expressive functions. The women gender is in charge of the basic stereotype
ideas: doing chores in the house and care giving. In other words, they do not
do much they are seen as if they cannot do what men do so they need to stay
home and be a housewife. Society again is to blame for this, this the mindset
it has set in its society. Due to the male gender being connected with jobs and
earning money it causes them to get paid more than the average female gender.
History has let the male gender be the one to be more hard working and has let
the male gender go to work. Because of this history it has shaped the world to
believe that men are more superior than women and should earn more than them.

     Conflict? Conflict theory according to the
slides once again means “by keeping the women in subordinate roles, men ensure
that they control the means of production and protect their privileges.” Women
are seen weak and cannot do what men do and that is because of the male gender.
Men have more power and they use it to their advantage. Women are paid less
than men because they are at a disadvantage with the male gender due to oppression.
Sticky floor is the best term to put it. What is sticky floor. Sticky floor is “social
forces that keep the vast majority of the world’s women stuck in low paid jobs.”
(Aguilera). I repeat society is to blame why women are seen low. Women are
already seen low because well they are females, and they cannot change that,
just like I cannot change that. Because of this idea they are paid less and not
treated the same as men. There is too much inequality between these two



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