Montana 1948 Essay, Research PaperMontana 1948In the Novel & # 8220 ; Montana 1948 & # 8243 ; by Larry Watson, there are many points in the book that we find Wes in a state of affairs that requires a determination.

The actions and picks that he makes reflect upon him and the narrative. Thingss like what gun he carries, when to look away from a offense, and when to turn in your ain brother make the reader learn more about him. In bend we percieve him to be the type of individual that can non turn in his ain brother and is non the hero that a steriotypical western town should hold. This position is changed when stopping point to the terminal of the novel he makes a determination that qualifies him as a respectable and baronial officer of the jurisprudence.In the beginning of the book we get a ocular image of Wes from the eyes of his boy David.

& # 8220 ; He wore a shirt and tie, as many of the work forces in town did, but at least they wore boots and Stetsons ; my male parent brogues and a felt hat. He had a gun but he ne’er carried it, on responsibility or off. & # 8221 ; This quotation mark shows us what David thinks of his male parent. The reader gets the feeling that Was is non the stereotyped bull, and likely non one who likes to acquire into struggle, as we can see by his pick non to transport a sidearm. When David negotiations about his male parent, the reader gets an image of a boy who loves his male parent but does non esteem him as the Sherrif.As the book progresses the manner we view Wes gets worse.

After al lthe play environing Wes & # 8217 ; s brother Frank, we learn that Wes is non ever the upstanding and baronial sherrif. Wes is faced with the determination of bear downing his brother with sexual assault or turning his caput. When Wes chooses to look off at the offenses despite overpowering grounds and moral values, the position of Wes is smeared into a image of a coward. He is a cowardbecause he couldnt say no to his male parent, his brother and to himself. Wes didnt have the bravery to stand up for what was right and what he believed in.Shortly after Wes & # 8217 ; s image is shattered, most of the pieces are put back together by the stoping of the novel. The pieces are all put back into the image of a honarable sherrif when Wes makes a revolution in his ego regard.

When Frank is the chief suspect for the slaying of Marie, Wes interogates Frank and finds out the truth. The truth of his brother being a liquidator must hold been overpowering emotionaly, but when he was faced with holding to set his brother to gaol, the emotions must hold been running higher than I could of all time conceive of. His determination was the right one, Wes & # 8217 ; s determination to eventually convict Frank with sexual assault, even though difficult, was the 1 that Wes had to do. Unfortuneatly he didnt have the grounds for slaying charges, but the determination Wes made revives what the reader thinks of Wes as a individual. It turns Wes into a baronial adult male, who does what is right.

In this fresh Wes was confronted with many disputing and hard picks. Wes is a nice adult male because of his actions. He cant be called a honest individual, or a courageous individual. He made errors in the beggingin, like any individual could make. And the errors he makes were under overpowering fortunes. Its difficult to travel agaisnt household and friends, but Wes held back excessively long.

His pick non to turn his brother in in the first topographic point was a error. The sexual assault of one individual is adequate to travel to imprison, but Frank was known for sexually assailing many adult females, this was even more cause for dismay. Wes & # 8217 ; s hesitancy lead to the decease of Marie. He made a error that he cant be blamed for because he didnt know and that doesnt make him less than a nice individual.

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