Most psychological studies are based mainly on the observation of direct human behavior. Psychology, like many other subjects, many people have a very small understanding of what all psychology entails. Most people have a lack of the knowledge of major obstacles and misunderstandings between the people that study this particular subject. It is not a big surprise that psychology is among of the most popular subject to study for a career. Naturally, people are drawn to the area of psychology due to curiosity. In one’s first eighteen years of life, the struggle to find one’s self and understand one’s mind and thoughts is the first problem to arise. Psychology helps us answer those questions and helps us understand our thoughts and reasonings. Often, even believers of faith rather have their thoughts and reasonings explained by science rather than trusting in religion and faith. It seems to make of more sense to them than that of “believing”. Logically, Psychology gives us the ability to obtain the insight and behaviour of our very own Creator. This is still a very new topic, though it makes perfect sense seeing that we are created in the very image of God. When we are to unveil another aspect of the Savior’s superiority and abilities, we should be filled with awe and humility. There is an analogy that is used to describe how we are to study the different aspects of psychology: ” if three blind men study separate parts of an elephant, all of their descriptions of the elephant would prove to be true, however none of them possess the ability to capture the full existence of the animal. There is not one study that captures the full truth of psychology, but all approaches possess some aspect of truth.”  In the first chapter, the book is bringing to light that we should study psychology along with the Word of God. Although there is science, that has the ability to bring us truth outside of the scripture, if it does not go in line with what the Bible has to say in the text, than it is not to be seen as truth. It is said that, “legitimate insight can arise from non-Christian human sources”, simultaneously “even believers have only a partial grasp of truth”. There was one quirk about this chapter that stood out to me. Could you have the ability to continue to study a particular subject, knowing fully that you will never have the full understanding and truth to get the subject completely correct?

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