MOTIVATION LETTERDear Admission Committee,My name is Le Tran Hoanh and I am a student of Mathematics major at Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted in Vietnam. From my personal perspective, the journey to achieve the goals of my life is a sophisticated equation which I need to solve step by step. In order to arrive at the solution, each of these steps must pave the way for the next one. After a long time carefully researching and planning, I have learned that studying at Radboud University in the Netherlands would mark an ideal milestone on the journey of my life. This letter will mainly focus on the reasons for my decision and why I am suited for the Artificial Intelligence programme at this university.As far as I know, the Netherlands is a friendly country where most citizens speak English.

As a result, it would be easier for me to socialize and communicate with other people, which is important for any student from overseas. Moreover, whereas studying at universities in the Netherlands costs significantly lower compared to many other developed countries, its quality of education is highly regarded. Additionally, the students in the Netherlands are continuously encouraged to think beyond conventional solutions to come up with creative and innovative ideas. This radical and challenging environment will motivate me to achieve multifarious innovations in the field of science.Among many universities in the Netherlands, Radboud University is most outstanding to me for three main reasons.

Firstly, in the introductory video of the university, its message resonates with my burning desire. Living in a society that is unfortunately confronting various issues, I have always wanted to find the solutions through science so as to build a better world. In the UN Ambassador of Hope Competition, I designed a green toilet system, which treated human’s waste and used it as agricultural fertilizer in order to confront waste treatment problem in Hanoi.

My ideas drew on multiple areas including chemistry, mathmatics, and mechanics and won the first prize. After the competition, I have learned that one problem cannot be simply solved using one field of study, and I believe that at Radboud, which inspires students to have a broad view and acknowledge the interdisciplinary interrelations in life, I can acquire the ability to see a problem from different perspectives. Secondly, the educational approach of Radboud enables me to spend more time and work closely with leading researchers and lecturers from top institutes such as Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour and Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. Hence, it can ensure that I will not only have the highest quality of education but also receive a helpful guidance to become a successful researcher in the future.

Thirdly, the state-of-the-art facilities strongly captivate me, as they will give me the opportunity to research and conduct experiments in order to come up with the best solutions. Additionally, the campus is considered the greenest and most beautiful in the Netherlands, which will help me increase my productivity as well as inspire my creativity while doing projects in the campus.As Artificial Intelligence is a young and dynamic field, it is quite challenging for me to explore while I am still at high school. Nevertheless, having a burning passion for S.T.E.M in general, and building robots as well as studying the interaction between humans and machines in particular, I am profoundly fascinated by this major and its implications in the world today.

For example, AI assisted us to correctly identify many health problems that doctors could not. To be more specific, IBM’s Watson system detected the symptom of a rare form of leukemia in a Japanese woman who was previously diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia – a type of blood cancer. Watching how AI plays an indispensable part in human’s life today by making the world a better place is such a strong driving force for me to persistently pursue this field of science. Although I may encounter many problems, I am determined to go the extra miles to arrive at the answers. Moreover, this field is very suitable for my potentials and interest in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Psychology. In terms of Computer Science and Mathematics, I have learned how to think logically, rationally, and critically, to get the explanations for every phenomenon, and to find the solutions for every question. This allows me to excel in not only Mathematics and Computer Science but also other subjects such as Physics and Chemistry. With regard to Psychology, I have always been curious about the way which human minds work since I was young.

Hence, I immerse myself in this interesting field of science every day by observing people and their patterns of behaviors. As time went on, Psychology gradually became an important and effective part of me. And I believe that Psychology will be particularly important when I study Artificial Intelligence because I need to incorporate the advanced behaviors and the complex ways that humans think to create a specialized AI to help solve difficult problems. After graduation, I want to be a researcher studying the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the field of medical and healthcare as I believe that in this way, it is possible for me to save the lives of millions of people in the future.In conclusion, I strongly believe that I will be a fit and successful student at Radboud University. Attending this university will provide a powerful springboard to solve my life equation because Radboud is the place where I could not only broaden my knowledge and perspective but also find solutions to the major issues in Vietnam as well as in the world today. Faithfully yours,Le Tran Hoanh.


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