It was a lovely winter on Christmas day, while my family got together to open all the beautifully wrapped gifts with elegant ribbons and sparkling decorations on them, somebody knocked the door. I had a feeling that it would be my boyfriend, and I rushed to see who it was. Butterflies rushed through my stomach as I opened the door; I saw his bright smile and fancy clothes.

As soon as I looked down I saw a brown basket wrapped in a yellow cloth on the top and I was curious what it was. Is that for me? – I asked him with a big smile on my face. Miss, it is for you! “- He replied I asked him to come in and he handed me the basket.

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Something was moving under the blanket and a Cocker Spaniel puppy’s head popped out. He had a red bow on his little neck. I picked him up because I was so excited to touch and hold him, then he peed on me. It was too cute to get mad at him. We named him Lord because my mom likes that name.

Lord has been part of my family for about seven months now.When he was 10 week old, he was so little that e could fit in my palms. When I tell him “Lord Stop! ” He won’t listen to me whenever he does something bad. When I tell him “Lord, you’re a bad boy! ” he always gives me that innocent look with his “big baby-cow’ eyes. At home, he likes to play with favorite and colorful balls that I bought him and he likes to pass it around with his little paws. He also likes to steal papers and pens off the coffee table and wants us to play catch with him.Every single morning he wakes me up at 6:00 a. .

Because he knows that I have to go to school. Therefore, it’s annoying that he wakes me up on Saturdays and Sundays because I want to sleep longer of course. He acts like an alarm clock.

If he sees that I’m not awake yet, he will keep bothering me. “Lord, it’s Saturday! ” “Woof-woof! “- he started licking and kissing my face while I was pretending that I was sleeping and I hoped that he will stop, even though I liked when he gave me little kisses. The night when I got him By Oxidations

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