Batman! ! ! An athletic hardworking and trusty superhero. If I had to compare myself to one superhero it would be him. Batman has ever been my favourite superhero of all time since the sketchs. Batman is a favourite of many other childs excessively. there is a superhero inside us all and batman is mine.

First of all me and batman are likewise because we are both athletic. He has to really contend the villans alternatively of holding ace powers. Batman sometimes has to run topographic points unlike other superheros who can wing or swing from webs. He has to fist fight the jokester alternatively of utilizing ace powers like most superheros do. Im athletic because I play baseball and have played since I was 4 old ages old and one am ever outside playing hoops or with my friends. . That is one ground we are likewise.

The 2nd ground we are both likewise is because he is hardworking. Whenever he is in a bad state of affairs he dosent fold under the force per unit area he fights and battles untill he suceeds. The same thing with me. if im holding problem with baseball I keep working at it untill it is fixed. Or in school if one dont understand something one dont merely sit at that place looking stupid one attempt to acquire aid and survey on my ain clip so one can understand it. If the jokester is terrorising gotham metropolis the batman dosent merely watch him destruct the metropolis and take whatever he wants. he fights against the jokester to maintain the town safe and the citizens happy.

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The last thing that makes us alike is that he is trusty. If a felon is smacking mayhem in the town you can number on batman to protect the town. even when you think the state of affairs is excessively bad he will come to salvage the twenty-four hours. Batman is non traveling to allow you down he will protect the town no affair what is go oning or how difficult it is goin to be to protect the town. Im the same manner. if u need me you can number on me. if my friends need me excessively do something for them most of the clip one am at that place to make it. U can swear me with any secrects or things u need to state me. im non traveling to travel around stating people what you told me. That is the last ground me and the great batman are likewise.

As you can see me and batman are are likewise in many ways like by being athletic. hardworking and trusty If u need me you can number on me and if batman was existent you could number on him excessively. although batman is non existent we portion some of the same features even though I could ne’er make anythnig like he does.

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