My mother has made it a point throughout my life to share her experiences with me whenever she thought I could benefit from her perspective. Not only has my mother developed a strong set of principles and values but she also behaves according to those values. She says that she values hard work, education, and giving back, and that is exactly how she lives her life. She is a role model to me not only because of what she tells me, but because of how she acts. This quiet commitment to how she believes someone should live and behave has encouraged me to be conscious of how I live my own life. I want to be a person that lives out my principals and values and because of her, I try to hold myself up to these high standards. This meant, for example, that when I had a boss in college that constantly made sexist jokes at work, I spoke up and reported him to human resources and helped to organize the rest of my colleagues to do the same. I have also always admired just how dedicated and skilled my mother is at her job. She is someone who is constantly learning and looking for ways to better her professional skill set and knowledge allowing her to walk into any meeting being one of the most knowledgeable people in the room. This dedication and commitment to being her best self professionally is something I aspire to emulate. I don’t just want to teach, I want to be a great teacher and have the biggest impact possible on my students. This means that I must constantly push myself to seek out new strategies, try new things, and not give up when something fails. These are all easier said than done and so whenever I get tired or feel like giving up, I think about what my mother would do in my situation. I think about how happy she is and how much of an impact she has been able to have on others because she didn’t give up. She is a constant source of comfort and inspiration to me and I would not be half the person I am today without her.

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