My dad was like a magical fairy that will grant my every wish. He was not only important just because he provided me things, there was much more to it.

Also, my dad’s personality and attitude were the most charming. This is one of the reasons why he was important for me. He was nice and kind at heart, inside and out. He did not pull any act. He was a very loyal and honest man. I remembered all the times when my dad offered me things like money and food, but any father could do the same with his son. However, my  dad always offered other people a helping hand, and he did not expect anything in return just a simple “Thank you”; which is why I respect him a lot. He went to the temple to help out with his religion, culture, and community without being asked. He was such a generous man, and he was my role model. He always motivated me to do better in school. There was this one time I showed him my grade on a test I did bad on, instead of yelling at me, he said, “It’s okay, you can always do better. Study more and you’ll be fine.” He always motivated me to better in everything I do. He told me to never give up and always strive for success. He was always there for me, whether physically or emotionally.

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Consequently, I remembered when everyone said that I look like my mother, but I most defiantly knew I got my personality from my father. Another reason why my dad was an important person in my life is because of his personality. It led to how his values and priorities of life connect to how I am growing up now to be like him, but of course better. He taught me ways to be a better person. He spoked of ways to do good actions, what is right from wrong and he gave me lectures and life lessons that I could carry forward towards my future. For example, he showed me how I can be civilized, and what respect is. He tells me that I should never fight, but rather walk away from a situation. I should never stop that low, being ignorant. I am better than that, and I should always keep my head up high and aim for success and happiness. My dad knew how to deal with my negative vibes, and acts. He always stayed calmed and he chose a good time and place to talk. For instance, when we were in the car or we were out to eat, he gave me scenarios of the good life and the bad. He usually taught me the life from Buddha’s perspectives, the whole four pathways, noble truths thing. I remembered that one time when I lied to him, he was very disappointed with me. But he did not yell or said anything mean. He told me that lies will always find its truth at some point. It is better to be honest than lie and get into more trouble than you already are.
            My dad meant the world to me. As you can see, without my dad in my life I would not know where I would be till this day. My life depended on him. He was like my oxygen. I could not thank him any single thing he did for me or how much he meant to me, but I loved him a lot and I will never forget what significant my dad was for me. My dad was a very important person to me because he played an important role of being a great person, and a great father. I am glad, thankful, and grateful of someone like him. He provided me what I need. Also, he taught me from right to wrong, and how to be a better person, and best of all just for having a genuine personality. 

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