My basic understanding of drama is a work of literature or a composition
which delineates life and human activity by means of presenting various actions
of and dialogues between a  group of
characters. The basic elements of drama are plot(the events in a play), setting(the
time and place of a literary work), character(people or creatures in
a play), characterization(the processs by which the writer reveals the
personality of a character), dialogue(conversation in a play),theme(the
central thought of a play; the idea or ideas with which a play deals), and scenery(the
various elements that are used to create a particular
visual setting for a play). Types of drama are tragedy(In the
Greek sense, a play that ends with the death of at least one of the main
characters.  In modern usage, it refers to a play that doesn’t have a
happy ending), comedy( In the Greek sense, it is a play that doesn’t end in
death.  In modern usage, it refers to a play that ends happily or that is
humorous) and tragicomedy(a play in which serious and comic elements are
mixed). Drama is furthermore designed for theatrical presentation, to be acted
on stage. Even when we read a play we have no real grasp of what that play is
like unless we at least attempt to imagine how actors on a stage would present
the material. Drama not only we meet on a theater stage, but also in daily
life. Drama plays a major role in our lives. We all experience ‘real life’
drama in the form of our own personal experiences as well as ‘real life’ drama
in the news and current affairs. We are also exposed to fictional drama in
film, on television, and in the theatre. By studying drama’s impact on our
culture we can start to look more critically at what these media offer us and
we can choose whether or not to accept the messages that they give. By studying
Drama we become intelligent spectators who can distinguish between good and bad
drama as well as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ideologies. We can start making informed
decisions about the drama that we see.  For example, we are familiar with the word
‘Drama Queen’. When you see someone who gets too upset or angry over small
problems and the other people says,” You’re such a drama queen! It’s no big
deal.” Drama Queen is a person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic
way. Generally, while drama is the printed text of a play, the word theatre
often refers to the actual production of the text on the stage.  Theatre thus involves action taking place on
the stage, the lighting, the scenery, the accompanying music,  the costumes, the atmosphere, and so on.  So, what is a play? What is Theatre? A play
is a story told by actors in a theatre. Theatre is a building or area for
dramatic performances(Meriam Webster). The study of Drama emphasize the written
text or scenario, whereas The study of Theatre concerns the performance. Through
drama we can become anyone, anywhere, at anytime. By understanding drama we can
learn to understand anyone, anywhere anytime. 

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