My Leadership Skills Inventory
and Leadership Behavior Questionnaire

            The Leadership Skill Inventory Questionnaire
(LSIQ) assesses the individual on technical skill, human skill, and conceptual skill.
Peter G. Northouse (2015) describes technical skills as the “knowledge about and
proficiency in a specific type of work or activity,” human skills as “knowledge
about and ability to work with people,” and conceptual skill as the “ability to
work with ideas and concepts,” (p. 44-45). On the LSIQ, I had high scores across
the board. I had a score of 26 on technical skills, 24 on human skills, and 23
on conceptual skills. These scores indicate that I am very knowledgeable in my
area of work, and that I work well with others and that I am very comfortable
working with others. The Leadership Behavior Questionnaire (LBQ) assesses an
individual’s leadership behavior in the areas of task and relationships. According
to Northouse (2015), task behaviors help team members to achieve their stated
goals, and relationship behaviors help team members to feel comfortable with
themselves and others and their surroundings (p.71). In this assessment I had a
high score of 47 in task behaviors and a high score of 45 in Relationship

            Upon self-reflection,
the high scores in both questionnaires are consistent with my self-image and
sense of leadership skills. I do consider myself to be a people person and I love
and enjoy working and interacting with others. I also value my technical skills
and my ability to work with others to bring ideas and concepts to reality. Moreover,
my relationship with others are almost always positive and influential. I am goal
oriented and I find that at most times, I encourage others to set goals to meet
their maximum potential.

Previous Leadership
Roles and Past Experiences  

            My previous experience in
leadership roles contributes to the high scores attained in both the LISQ and
LBQ. My past experiences in leadership roles includes nurse management, leadership
positions in religious organizations, and also leadership roles in the school
setting. For example, as a nurse manager, it was necessary to master all areas
of my work in order to properly assist and train nurses as needed. This is reflected
in the high technical skills score on the skills inventory questionnaire. The
high score in conceptual skills is reflective of my experience as a leader in
religious organizations. Specifically, I worked with others to develop ideas
and brought those ideas to reality by creating programs and events aimed at
specific groups. This experience also reflects on my relationship behavior and
task behavior. In these two positions, I worked directly with people in goal-oriented
tasks. Because I am currently a Registered Nurse in clinical setting, I
mastered the technical skills needed to provide excellent and safe nursing care.

AONE Competencies and
My Role as a Nurse Clinician and Nurse Leader

            The American Organization of
Nurse Executives (2015) identified five competencies acknowledged by the
Healthcare Leadership Alliance, needed for Nurse Leaders. These competencies
are communication and Relationship management, knowledge of healthcare environment,
leadership, professionalism, business skills and principles (AONE, 2015, p. 3).
As a future nurse leader and nurse clinician, it is important that the
identified competencies are embedded within. A nurse clinician and leader must be
able to communicate effectively, build positive and influential relationships,
promote diversity, and have positive community involvements (AONE, 2015). As a
future leader, I will need to be an expert in clinical knowledge and practice, understand
healthcare policies and management, have a thorough understanding of evidenced base
practice in order to make clinically informed decisions, know and understand
risk management, be well disciplined and maintain professionalism, have foundational
thinking skills and know systems thinking, be able to adapt to various changing
situations, uphold ethical standards, be an advocate, and have sound business
skills (AONE, 2015). 

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