My name is Zheyi yuan. I am a sophomore this year and currently major in the school of communication.

As for me, different from any other writing courses, WR150 is the hardest class I will ever learn. For me there is much hard work ahead to achieve and get good grades. Also, I have to give myself goals and work on them one step at a time.First, in this semester, I will make effort to develop my abilities to write precise and coherent sentences. As we know by now, the most important thing of writing is to make sure that the article is comprehensible to as many readers as possible. When there are few or not any grammatical errors in composition, it’s easy for readers to understand the main ideas of a text, to understand the moods and emotions which I want to convey in the whole passage, even to put forward their own views my paper. Moreover, be sure to watch out for grammar errors, for example, comma splices, run-on sentences, and dangling modifiers. That would raise questions over how can I write clear, correct, coherent prose.

I tend to learn grammatical and stylistic principles that allow me to find and recorrect sentences that has grammar problems. I tend to read tons of ( whether online or offline) to learn from style of writing of others, to learn various sentence structures from others.  Second, my own goal for this class is to write as well as native writers of English. Unlike many other students in this class, I am international student. My mother tongue is Chinese not English. To be honest, sometimes I will feel it difficult to express myself in English, whether writing or speaking. In order to write as well as native writers of English, first, reading is the indispensable part of it.

Nowadays, we can read books, magazines, news which we are interested in. We can learn how did native speakers express their thoughts in English, we can pay attention to the way words are used, we can improve our understanding of grammar and sentence structure. Moreover, I would ask someone with full professional proficiency in English to revise my paper. They will help me to figure out how to accurately use punctuation, verbs. I will regularly make engagement with writing tutor to help me proofread my papers and make comments about them. 

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