We get the feeling that Myrtle Wilson is non an particularly smart adult female. Strung along by Tom. Myrtle is convinced that he loves her and would go forth his married woman for her if he could. The whole spot about Daisy being a Catholic and non believing in divorce is.

as Nick points out. non remotely true.Because she is unhappy in her matrimony to George. Myrtle is drawn to Tom for certain specific grounds. George is inactive.

but Tom is commanding and important. Myrtle puts up with Tom’s physical maltreatment because she equates it with maleness – a quality that in her head is missing in her hubby. She even yells at George. “throw me and down and crush me. you dirty small coward! ”Myrtle besides adds to the novel’s subjects of category and wealth. She insists that she married below her caste. that she believed certain things about George until they got married and it was excessively late.

he borrowed a suit for the nuptials. for illustration. Since Myrtle is rather evidently below the Buchanan’s category ( yet another ground she goes for Tom ) .

Fitzgerald ridicules her for insistence that she is above her hubby. Myrtle has many hopes and Myrtle ne’er truly loved Tom but merely wanted his money. She called his house during dinner to speak to him without even believing that he might acquire caught.

She does non esteem him at all except for when she wants something. When she and Tom are at the party at the flat. she disrespects Daisy and Tom hits her in the olfactory organ. Myrtle merely wants to acquire off from the hapless life with George and populate more luxuriously with another adult male. She hopes that someday that Tom will go forth Daisy and they can populate together.The nature of Myrtle Wilson is evident at the party in the flat. Even though intoxicant is prohibited during this clip.

she drinks freely. She besides says that when she foremost met Tom Buchanan. she was attracted to him by his suit. Myrtle says.

he had on a frock suit and patent leather places and I couldn’t maintain my eyes off him. Myrtle is mercenary and she was really impressed with the expensive suit Tom had on. This meeting made her think even less of George because he had to borrow a suit for their nuptials. Myrtle Wilson is a adult female stuck in a bad matrimony that can lone think of the higher portion of society.

She wants to hold a rich hubby and an expensive life style. Her dream of such a lifestyle finally leads to her death.

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