Nation building is a collective role of all the citizens of a country
more than it is to the governing authority. The governing body has a sole role
of steering the economy into right direction defined by the citizens. Our contribution
to this course defines our history. As citizens, we play different roles that
in one way or another defines the course a country takes especially with
regards to development.

As a citizen therefore, my number one role in history making is to work
towards nation building. This is achieved by paying federal taxes on any income
that trickles down to me as a citizen. Taxes fund various projects in the
economy and act as the major economic financer. In so doing, we preserve our
identity and uphold the responsibility to build our nation.

Secondly, history making is not only achieved through benefits that
come to us as a payment for our efforts invested, but also through voluntary
dedications to be part and parcel of a particular change that we yearn for that
defines that history. Volunteering to take actions in building areas that lag
behind or change a particular thing that would have a positive net effect in us
will contribute to defining our role in the history of that achievement.

Thirdly, as a citizen, our history will be defined by our role in making
good use of the available resources which are scarce and bound to depletion at
one point. There is need therefore to put every resource into proper use that
contributes to preservation for the future.

History is also defined by the diversity of the labor force that exists
in an economy. As a citizen, one is bound to make a right professional choice
that brings out diversity in building of a nation. Our contribution in
different sectors would steer an all-round progression in development.

Unity is another role one has in history making. Together we stand, divided
we fall. Great contributors to different courses in every economy embraced
unity in their dealings that steered them to achieve their objectives. One should
not only focus on him/herself but also focus on the contribution made to make
the world a better place. This is achievable through working together on a
united front and not encouraging neglect and discrimination of any nature.

It is important to me in my life time that global living standards are
improved due to our contributions in which appreciation of each life is upheld
through equalization of all parameters of life.

I foresee a world driven by unity and peaceful coexistence, working
together towards a common goal aimed at improving global living standards. Peace
is an important element of our history and nation building.

My participation in bringing change to my community, global world and
my entire lifetime comes in a number of ways, for instance;

Identifying priorities that focus in not only self-development but also
focuses in the larger picture of communal integration is a number one
contribution to bring change into one’s lifetime. Working towards a common goal
with others without neglect or alienation will improve relationships within a
community and have a togetherness outlook.

Secondly, the power we get to do something that benefits a community originates
from our passion and motivation (Latumahina, 2008). Bringing change therefore
requires one to change his/her motivation from self-gain point of view to a
broader perspective inclusive of others.

Another important aspect of change in a society comes with the change
of one’s habit. Habits in most cases develop into character which may pose
challenges to change in the future. A bad habit that one may have is doing
things to develop or benefit your own course. Changing this to a broader view
of the interest of the others at heart will make one expend efforts that are
people centered which eventually will improve lives in one way or another.

Changing habits may also go in hand with changing one’s commitments. Changing
from doing things that do not add value to your life or the life of others by
getting involved in different responsibilities that bring rewards to the larger
population. This is an aspect of contribution to the history of a particular
course in life.

Active participation in decision making in a society also contributes
to a foreseeable change in that setting. Having an input in a decision making
process that include big population in a society with a targeted impact of that
decision, will put one into the drivers of a course taken in a societal setting
hence improves one legacy in history.

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