The Viet Cong referred to them as “the work forces with green faces. ” due to the face pigment they wore during combat missions. The United States Navy SEa. Air and Land Forces. normally known as the Navy SEALs. are the Particular Operations Forces of the United States Navy. employed in direct action and particular reconnaissance operations. SEALs. besides capable of using unconventional warfare. foreign internal defence. and counter-terrorism missions are the most elect military force recognized worldwide.

The U. S. Navy SEALs were established by President John F. Kennedy in 1962 as an elect military force to carry on Unconventional Warfare. They carry out the types of clandestine. small-unit. high-impact missions that big forces with high-profile platforms ( such as ships. armored combat vehicles. jets and pigboats ) can non. SEALs besides conduct indispensable on-the-ground Particular Reconnaissance of critical marks for at hand work stoppages by larger conventional forces. SEALs are U. S. Special Operations Command’s force-of-choice among Navy. Army and Air Force Particular Operations Forces ( SOF ) to carry on small-unit maritime military operations which originate from. and return to a river. ocean. swamp. delta or coastline. This capableness is more of import now than of all time in our history. as half the world’s substructure and population is located within one stat mi of an ocean or river. Of important importance. SEALs can negociate shallow H2O countries such as the Persian Gulf coastline. where big ships and pigboats are limited by deepness.

The Navy SEALs are trained to run in all the environments ( Sea. Air and Land ) for which they are named. SEALs are besides prepared to run in clime extremes of searing desert. stop deading Arctic. and humid jungle. Historically. SEALs have ever had “one pes in the H2O. ” The world today. nevertheless. is that they initiate deadly Direct Action strikes every bit good from air and land. Direct Action ( DA ) refers to small-unit. short-duration work stoppage operations to destruct. prehend. gaining control. retrieve. or inflict harm on installations or forces in denied countries overseas. This may take topographic point on land. or at sea against marks such as oil platforms or ships. DA operations include foraies. ambuscade. sabotage. and direct assault. They may be accomplished with explosives or handheld arms. SEALs besides conduct draw onslaughts from the land. ships or aircraft. and handheld optical maser counsel for aircraft or preciseness arms work stoppages. Targets are ever of strategic or operational importance. and may be struck in progress of the start of declared belligerencies.

Entering preparation to go a Navy SEAL is voluntary. Anyone that is male can volunteer. and officers and enlisted work forces develop side by side. In order to volunteer for and enter SEAL developing one must run into certain standards:

1 ) Be a male on active responsibility in the United States Navy or Coast Guard Does that do any of the ladies in the audience a little defeated?
The chief ground the armed forces does non let adult females into the seals along with other direct combat places is because they were able to turn out to congress that adult females. no affair how determined. are non physically able to turn the musculus mass and physical strength that work forces are. They have proved that work forces are biologically stronger than adult females. and the lone manner a adult female could go as strong is by endocrine replacements and steroids. 2 ) Be 28 or younger

3 ) Have uncorrected vision no worse than 20/200 in both eyes be a U. S. citizen 4 ) Obtain a GT mark of 110 or higher on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery ( ASVAB )

After one has met these makings pass a rigorous physical testing trial that includes the undermentioned process: 1. swim 500 paces in 12. 5 proceedingss or less. followed by a 10-minute remainder 2. do 42 push-ups in under two proceedingss. followed by a two-minute remainder 3. do 50 sit-ups in under two proceedingss. followed by a two-minute remainder 4. do six pull-in. followed by a 10-minute remainder

5. tally 1. 5 stat mis in boots and long bloomerss in less than 11. 5 proceedingss

Now welcome to hell hebdomad. a seals first measure into an improper cavity of desperation. Trainees are invariably in gesture ; invariably cold. hungry and wet. Mud is everywhere–it screens uniforms. custodies and faces. Sand burns eyes and chafes natural tegument. Medical forces base by for exigencies and so supervise the dog-tired trainees. Sleep is fleeting–a mere three to four hours granted
near the decision of the hebdomad. The trainees consume up to 7. 000 Calories a twenty-four hours and still lose weight. Throughout Hell Week. BUD/S teachers continually remind campaigners that they can “Drop-On-Request” ( DOR ) any clip they feel they can’t travel on by merely pealing a glistening brass bell that hangs conspicuously within the cantonment for all to see.

“The belief that BUD/S is approximately physical strength is a common misconception. Actually. it’s 90 per centum mental and 10 per centum physical. ” said a BUD/S teacher at the Little Creek installation. “ ( Students ) merely make up one’s mind that they are excessively cold. excessively flaxen. excessively sore or excessively wet to travel on. It’s their heads that give up on them. non their organic structures. ” It is non the physical tests of Hell Week that are hard so much as its continuance: a continual 132 hours of physical labour.

Through the long yearss and darks of Hell Week. campaigners learn to trust on one another to maintain awake and remain motivated. They tap one another on the shoulder or thigh sporadically and wait for a reassuring rap in response that says. “I’m still hangin’ in at that place. how ‘bout you? ” They cheer aloud when they notice a mate fighting to finish his mission and utilize the same as fuel when they themselves feel drained. They learn to hush that interior voice pressing them to give in and pealing that horrid. beautiful bell. Navy SEALs are an exceptionally deadly and feared force. made even more so because the enemy ne’er knows from where they strike following Sea. Air. or Land -Finish with Quote from Trainee:

[ “Sleep. YOU would make anything for it. YOU couldn’t retrieve what twenty-four hours it was. or when you had last had sleep. But. you knew it felt good. and Nothing approximately “Hell Week” felt good. You had been cold and moisture for yearss. There were unfastened sores along your interior thigh now from being invariably soaked. And every clip you moved. the coarse. wet disguise raked over the lesions. directing buoy uping bolts of hurting through your organic structure. Possibly the voice was right. Possibly you should merely acquire up. walk over. and pealing that bell. ” – Seal pupil in training. ]

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