managers with a clear philosophy can provide a firm foundation from which he
will to start with. The idea of core servant leadership philosophy of Robert K.
Greenleaf is thought awakening.  The key
word here is servant which implies serving other, serving the common good.
Hence, newbie managers will no longer be called as the boss because servant
leadership is not about oneself it`s about others. It`s removing self – interest
for the benefit and interest of the majority, focusing on the success of the
team or organization that leads to a clear goal

The question
is how to start practicing servant leadership? It is the growth mindset. Embracing
the growth mindset is to stop thinking and expecting that people works for you
instead carry on to the idea that they work for the organization and for
themselves. The role now of the servant-leader is to facilitate the relationship
between each employees and the organization. Another way to practice servant
leadership is to let the employees have the “ownership” of the organization, of
their assign routine task, important reports, and other significant assignments.
The key word here is taking the ownership means taking the risk, responsibility,
accountability and love of work. When the employee owns, it the manager new
becomes the guide not the director. An employee who believes her manager
understands her strengths, values her input, and encourages her growth is
likely to stick and stay around for the long-term. Servant leadership requires
a corrective feedback, as a facilitator emotion such as frustrations, angry,
resentment has no room since the primary goal now is to build good relationship
between two parties – the employees and the organization. It cannot be avoided
that true upset happens when party’s interests are allowed to suffer over time
without intervention, self-interest may arise but it must be the manager’s
primary concern to balance those interests.

the servant approach requires an in-depth thought, a tedious preparation, time
consuming just to make sure the work gets done on time while simultaneously
strengthening the individual’s relationship with the organization.
Intrinsically, acquiring a good reputation takes time. Consistency with servant
approach people know what to expect from you and trust will follow. Trust,
combined with the smart, inclusive decision-making is a certain way to succeed in
gaining influence.

servant leadership philosophy will provide significant guideposts to help manage
in real time. Whatever temperament, disposition or personality a leader has, a serving
mindset will keep out the reactive patterns that can hinder success. Core Servant
leadership may not entice to those who are attracted to a more traditional idea
of leadership, but it should be the choice of those interested in influence and




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