. Applications-

set of applications for mobile networking is diverse, ranging from large-scale,
mobile, highly dynamic networks, to small, static networks that are constrained
by power sources. Besides the legacy applications that move from traditional
infra structured environment into the ad hoc context, a great deal of new
services can and will be generated for the new environment.

1. Military Battlefield

2. Commercial Sector

3. Local Level

4. Personal Area Network (PAN)



Regardless of the attractive applications, the
features of mobile networking introduce several challenges that must be studied
carefully before a wide commercial deployment can be expected. These include:

1. Routing

2. Security and Reliability

3. Quality of Service (QoS)

4. Inter-networking

5. Power Consumption

6. Multicast

7. Location-aided Routing


6. Conclusion and Future Scope-

future of mobile networking is really appealing, giving the vision of ?anytime,
anywhere and cheap communications. Before those imagined scenarios come true,
huge amount of work is to be done in both research and implementation. At present,
the general trend in mobile networking is toward mesh architecture and large
scale. Improvement in bandwidth and capacity is required, which implies the
need for a higher frequency and better spatial spectral reuse. Propagation,
spectral reuse, and energy issues support a shift away from a single long
wireless link (as in cellular) to a mesh of short links (as in ad- hoc networks).
Large scale mobile networking is another challenging issue in the near future
which can be already foreseen. As the involvement goes on, especially the need
of dense deployment such as battlefield and sensor networks, the nodes in
ad-hoc networks will be smaller, cheaper, more capable, and come in all forms.
In all, although the widespread deployment of ad- hoc networks is still year
away, the research in this field will continue being very active and

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