Explore the poetry of Robert E. Howard with this index guide to his verse from The Robert E. Foundation Press. The index can be used to locate specific names and places, even obscure words.

It contains many categories such as ANIMALS, WEAPONS, TREES, and more, so that these words and related subject words can be easily explored. For example, under the listing for ANIMAL are all of the animals Howard mentions in his verse, from APE to WOLF, and everything in between. Each word is followed by a list of the poems in which that word appears.

Many words also show descriptive adjectives that highlight Howard’s impressive ability to create powerful images. The index also contains a list of themes like WANDERLUST and HISTORY for readers interested in a particular topic. The book was designed with The Collected Poetry of Robert E. Howard in mind, but can be used with any of Howard’s verse collections. There’s even a page number guide keyed to the major collections to help locate the poems. All this and more is contained in The Wordbook.

A preview of The Wordbook is available at The Foundation’s Lulu Press webpage. Non-members can purchase the book there for $22.99; Lulu’s shipping prices in the U.S. are $6.

13 for Media Mail and $15.34 for Priority; otheroptions, including foreign shipping, are available at checkout.Foundation members will want to take advantage of their discount by sending $20, plus $6 for Media Mail or $15 for Priority (Lulu’s rates) to [email protected]; or pay via check (personal or cashier’s) or money order sent to: The REH Foundation Press, PO Box 251242, Plano, TX 75025. All payments must be in U.

S. dollars. A hard cover edition of The Wordbook is also available: $33 for members,  $36.99 for non-members. Add $6.

50 for Media Mail and $10.00 for Lulu’s shipping.

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