There will be a new issue of The Howard Review in time for Howard Days in June, but Dennis McHaney has taken another of his famous changes in course.  Dennis is going to do the publication once a year, but it will no longer be a magazine. It will be a book. Each issue will be a theme issue. The first will be the project he  announced last year as just a regular issue, on Breck Elkins. Late in the year, Dennis is going to do a Best of Howard Review book, that is projected for December. He is waiting on a few things for the Breck volume. 

Dennis has also have done most of the work on a follow up book to World’s Greatest Pulpster, a color book on collecting Howard in the sixties and in the small press. The volume was originally going to be a black and white book, but Dennis decided it needed to be in color, especially with all those Lancer covers as full pagers. He finished up most of the work on these projects in 2006, and now he just has to spend a lot of time working in Photoshop to complete them.

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