There is an inside joke among REHupans that getting a group of REHupans organized and motivated to complete a Howard project is like herding retarded cats. Well, it appears REHupans can indeed be herded.Mark Finn and Chris Gruber have spearheaded an effort to compile a collection of prose and poetry by current and former REHupans titled Dreams in the Fire: Fiction and Poetry Inspired by Robert E. Howard.The book will be based on the same model used by Dennis McHaney for his highly successful The Man From Cross Plains: A Celebration of Two-Gun Bob Howard volume.

Rusty Burke is writing an introduction and the Keegans will be doing a cover painting for the volume. TGR blogger Rob Roehm will be handling the proofing. All proceeds will benefit Project PrideThe book is slated to appear at this year’s monumental Howard Days in June. More details will be forthcoming both here and on TGR‘s Facebook page.

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