Volume 5, Number 1 of The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies is going to press next week with what appears to be a line-up of outstanding essays.Contents include:“‘The Shadow of the Beast’: A Closer Look” by Charles Hoffman“‘Marchers of Valhalla’, Creation, and the Cult of Castration” by Jeffrey Kahan“Celtic Influences in the Works of Robert E. Howard” by Philip Emery“A Second Look: The Lost Land of Lemuria” by Morgan Holmes“Visualizing Howard’s World: The Savage Sword of Conan” by Charles Hoffman“The Good, the Bad, and Howard in the Cross Plains Universe” by Morgan Holmes“Remembering Wolfshead” by Charles HoffmanThe issue will contain about 80 pages, with a cost of around $13.00 + postage and handling.

Two book dealers who regularly carry The Dark Man are Mike Chomko and Gavin Smith.  Also, more details should be available shortly on The Dark Man website.

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