Newt Gingrich Net WorthNewt Gingrich is a political consultant, author, writer, businessperson, and former speaker of US House of Representatives who has earned a net worth of $6.7 million. He is so popular for his political career but this is not his only talent. He is a very talented person who is working great in so many domains. Biography and WikiNewton Leroy Gingrich who is famous as Newt Gingrich was born on 17th of June in the year 1943 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States. He was interested in politics since childhood. He pursued his passion and worked great in the field of politics. He has served as the Speaker of the House of Representatives and as the main leader in the Republican Revolution. He later resigned his position in the year 1979 and since then he is involved in politics as a consultant. He is also a great writer who has coauthored and written 72 books so far. There are many other fields like the business in which Newt is working. Overall, he is having a great professional life. In his personal life, Newt is married thrice. He got married first with Jackie Battley in the year 1962. The couple got divorced in the year 1981 and in the same year he got married to Marianne Ginther. This relationship also did not work. They got separated in the year 2000. Then Newt got his true love Callista Gingrich in the year 2000. The couple is in love till now and is living happily in a luxurious house in Washington DC. Newt is a father of two children. CareerNewt Gingrich started his career as an assistant professor in the year 1970. Along with his job, he used to show interest in politics too. He got elected as United States House of Representatives in the year 1978 so he left his job. He was the first Republican in the history to do so. He worked great while being in Congress and had a great career. He worked as one of the leaders of the Conservative Opportunity Society and Military Reform Caucus. In the year 1989 he was selected as House Minority Whip and in the year 1995, he was elected as the Speaker of House. He served for 4 years as a speaker and later in the year 1999 he resigned and left Congress. Since then, he is serving as a political consultant and also participated in the 2012 Republican presidential nomination but did not win. Currently, he is supporting Donald Trump. Other than politics, he is also involved in writing and is coauthor and writer of more than 70 books so far. He has also produced a movie which was titled as Nine Days that hanged the World. Newt is also a businessman who is the founder of a company named as Center for Health Transformation and is also serving as an advisor of a company titled as Barrick Gold. Awards and AchievementsNewt Gingrich has been accoladed well for his work. He is one of the most popular politicians in America. He was titled as Man of the Year in the year 1995 by Time Magazine. He was also titled as Citizen of the year in the same year and was given highest non-medical award by American Diabetes Association for his great work in the field of healthcare. He is also named as one of the best sellers for his books. Net Worth of Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich has earned a net worth of $6.7 million so far. His most of the net worth is contributed by his political career and his businesses. He works as a consultant and has earned $2 million from the firm named as Freddie Mac. This has surely contributed well to his net worth. Newt is also one of the best sellers and has published 72 books till now.ConclusionNewt Gingrich is a political consultant, author, writer, businessperson, and former speaker of US House of Representatives who has earned a net worth of $6.7 million. He is a very hard working man. He is working in so many domains and is doing great in all of them. We are hoping much of his great work. 

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