Noah MonsonMrs. BainCollege Composition 120529 January 2018″A Good Man is Hard to Find” Symbolism Essay     The Story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” is full of symbolism if you’re willing to dig deep enough. The story is about a family heading to Florida, but their grandma is wary of the trip and would rather go to Tennessee to avoid a potential bandit on the loose.

The family decides to ignore their grandmas warning and continues their trip to Florida, which in end becomes a fatal mistake.     The first big symbol of the story is the grandmother’s hat. The hat symbols her as a lady. Throughout the story she seems only concerned with the fact that she is seen as a lady. For the grandmother the only thing that is important to her is that she is standing as a lady, and not the well-being of the people around her, which as a grandmother should be her most important thoughts. As she gets in the car accident her hat breaks and she takes is off, this symbolizes how the grandmother loses her self-thought of being a lady and begins to focus on other things. Another symbol through the grandmother is when she got shot she was laying back smiling showing her acceptance and happiness with the end of her life.

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     The misfit in the story has some obvious symbolism as well. The character was in prison before this story had begun, and didn’t know why. It seemed as if he didn’t fit in at the prison, and even when he broke out of the prison he still didn’t fit in with society with everyone since there were people always after him. The misfit’s glasses I believe mark as a symbol of his armour. He seems as if he is a relentless killer while he has the glasses on which he is, but after he takes his glasses off his eyes were described as defenseless as if he had lost his relentlessness and was back to his normal self. Another symbol from the misfit is his black “hearse-like” car. The color black itself symbols death, along with the description of hearse-like it becomes an obvious symbol of death to come later in the story.

The hearse although was the second symbol,of death revealed in the story as they had earlier passed a graveyard that the grandmother had gotten ecstatic about.     Another character in this story who was rather minor was Red Sam, as a person the grandmother thinks he is a good guy, but deep down he is no different than the killer. When first seen in the story he is wearing red which also happened to be in his name, the color red symbolizes disaster, blood, and death. The other side kick of the misfit Bobby Lee I think symbolizes the devil.

As many people think that the misfit is the worst out of the group, you can see that through his talking with the grandmother he doesn’t enjoy the life he lives, and gets no pleasure in killing. Bobby Lee on the other hand has a constant grin on his face throughout the story, and he rather enjoys killing and says that shooting the grandmother every day of her life would be “some fun”.    With any story you read there is symbolism, whether it’s meant to be there or you are just digging to deep it’s there. If you can understand these symbols as you are reading more often than not it will lead you to what’s going to happen further in the book and help you understand why things are happening. Without symbolism books are just words without meaning and it is a necessity to writing.

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