NAFTA ( the North American Free Trade Agreement ) has been established for 17 old ages. While this may look like a good things for all three states. some have benefited more than others. Since NAFTA has occurred. the bulk of Mexico has benefited greatly. unlike Canada. who has suffered because of these three things: monetary value of objects. economic system. and loss of occupations.

Since NAFTA has been initiated. the monetary value of objects has gone up in Mexico unlike in Canada the monetary value has gone down. In Mexico. the monetary value of some abundant resources ( metals ) went up. Unlike other abundant resources ( nutrient ) is less money now because America grows it besides so we don’t need it from Mexico. In Canada. the monetary value of objects go down but the economic system gets worse due to the authorities non acquiring every bit much money as they should. which would take to higher revenue enhancements. doing the citizens irate.

The economic system since NAFTA has been established has been affected greatly in an first-class and meagre manner. In Mexico. the economic system has rose greatly because so many mills from America or Canada are traveling to Mexico. In Canada the economic system went down because many if non all the workers from Canada lost their occupations. but they have more money because they don’t have to pay the workers as much money as they did earlier.

Ultimately. the loss of occupations were drastic. In Mexico. the loss of occupations went down highly because a batch of the mills from Canada and the U. S. moved down at that place because it’s cheaper. In Canada. the loss of occupations went badly up because all the mills moved down to Mexico go forthing a batch of un-employed workers.

North America has benefited and suffered from NAFTA in three major ways: monetary value of objects. the economic system. and the loss of occupations. While all three states have benefited and suffered. without it. our trade system would be really diverse compared to today.

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