As childs grow up. they go through several phases to happen out who they genuinely are. Some childs are really societal and have many friends. when others are diffident and non considered the coolest childs about. Jodi Picoult demonstrates isolation impeccably in her novel Nineteen Minutes by diging beneath the surface of a little town to research what it means to be different in today’s society. She shows how one can lose a friend. how people make person feel bad ; in order to experience good about themselves. and how isolation can take to decease related state of affairss. Adolescents and childs in general. as they grow up they tend to alter their friends multiple times. In the novel. Peter Houghton and Josie Cormier are really close friends since their childhood. Josie. unlike Peter. stands up for herself and even Peter sometimes. since he is largely picked on. One twenty-four hours. when Josie and Peter are immature. he decides to demo her his father’s scattergun. which he uses to run with. Alex. Josie’s female parents. gimmicks them. and was ferocious stating “My girl has been coming over to your house for how long. and you’ve got guns lying around” ( Picoult 81 ) ? The female parents from this twenty-four hours on halt being friends. which leads the childs to halt traveling to each other’s houses. although they still manage to play at school. Josie did non desire to insulate Peter. because they are truly good friends. Another thing that occurs in the novel. is that when a new miss joined Peter and Josie’s category. she is non really noticed. One twenty-four hours Peter “notice [ s ] that [ she is ] sitting in the center of an ink stain” ( Picoult 158 ) . After Peter realizes that this is non an ink discoloration and the miss has really got her period. he screams out: “Dolores has her period” ( Picoult 158 ) ! And so the whole category articulations and starts express joying. including Josie. Peter. for a piece. enjoys non being the one made merriment of for one time. but one time they kids start badgering her. Peter decides to set a “stop” ( Picoult 159 ) to it. After this incident. Josie along with the popular childs continue…

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