Now back from The Hunger Games, and finally settling back
into her new life as a Hunger Games victor. President Snow gets angry because in
a way they beat The Hunger Games.  Snow tells her that she started a chain
reaction of rebellions in the other districts.  He tells her that she must
convince the entire country of Panem that what she did was not an act of defiance.
They then learn that for the next Hunger Games, the 3rd Quarter Quell, the
tributes will be chosen from the existing pool of victors.  Katniss and
Peeta are going back into the arena.  Once in the arena Katniss and Peeta
join up with Finnick, and Mags an 80-year-old woman who has to be carried
by Finnick.  Very quickly, the 4 of them are in trouble.  Peeta was
hurt by the force field, so now Finnick is carrying both Mags and Peeta, when
suddenly they are being chased by an acid fog.  Finally, Finnicks
tires to the point that he tells Mags he can’t carry both Peeta and her
anymore.  That’s when, she walks directly into the fog and dies.  The
fog stops now, as it killed someone.

    They discover that the arena is
on a clock that resets at midnight.  They try to carry out one of their allies
who had been killed. While Katniss is unraveling the wire taking it down to the
beach she gets attacked by one of her allies who cuts at her arm with a knife,
and then runs away.  Katniss stumbles up to the force field to find out
that one of her allies has been knocked out, then she shots an electrified
arrow through the chink in force field, and then passes out from blood
loss.  She wakes up in a hovercraft bound for District 13 a
place that everybody believes to be gone.  Now she learned that her
ally who cut her arm open, was only removing her tracker, and Peeta, plus the
one who cut out the tracker had been captured by the Capitol. Finally, her
friend Gale back from District 12 tells her that he saved her mother and sister
out of District 12 before, it was bombed by the Capitol.

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The Giver And Hunger Games compare and contrast


similarity, could be that the government/higher power/whatever, is controlling
the people and depriving them of things such as, (The giver:  Emotions, and colors. Hunger Games: Their
freedom, and forcing them to fight to the death). Another could be, how both
stories take place sometime in the future, in a different world far from being similar
to our own. Both Jonas and Katniss are ‘special’, I guess you could call it.
Meaning like how Jonas was the one chosen to be the next ‘Receiver of
memories’, and Katniss was chosen (well, technically she volunteered) and she
was the only female Tribute from district 12. You could also say that she was the
only female tribute to ever win the games as well. Both lead characters (Jonas,
Katniss) have a sister (Lily, Prim) who are innocent, positive, and are unaware
of the horrors of the world. Well both characters experience horrifying and
mind-scarring events. The memories for Jonas, and the killings for Katniss.
Both Katniss and Jonas also have a secret that they can’t tell the

For differences. In The Giver, they try to make everything the same. Everything
is always in the same pattern, and everything must be done a certain way. In The
Hunger Games, however, in the Capitol uniqueness is promoted and encouraged.
Everyone is far from the same in Panem, and even every district has its own
distinct purpose. Another obvious difference is that Katniss is a 16-year-old
girl, and Jonas is a 12-year-old boy.


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