Nowadays in our world usage of social media like
Instagram, VK, Whatsapp, Telegram was totally increased with development of
technology and life. And so lots of people think that it is the best invention in
sphere of communication to create relationships and make peoples live easier
than before. It is obvious that social media and communication technology have
both advantages and disadvantages for peoples life, but many people working
towards to use it for unhelpful things. Social media is a good method of cheap
and comfortable communication among all people, so are there some positive and
negative sides of it that we should know and adhere?



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          Firstly, we should know
that social media made for communication and development. Consequently is a
good way of making relationship for shy people. Security is too one of the
advantages of communication technology in our world, country. For instance, lots
of people scared to create relation among strangers, because nowadays there are
many violence and strict people with spoiled thinking.

          Second main reason why
people use social media is that social media give to people a perfect
opportunity for self-study. There are some students, learners that study works
to be wide-minded, to achieve their goals, and so communication technology can
be comfortable for that type of population.

          Thirdly, wide range of
platforms like YouTube, VK, Instagram can be a source of earning money to live.
For example: if person works not few he/she can earn in VK by working as
administrator earn minimum 500$.

P.S. Some statistics: 1. There are now more than
50 million small businesses using Facebook Pages to connect with their
customers (Source: Facebook).

2. 15% of customers said
that their looking for a business in social networks, use them for work.


It’s obvious that social media and communication
technologies has as good as bad sides for humanity, for development. And many
people particularly choose to use it for time wasting. But I think that it can
fully damage, destroy human’s future, this net web attract people and become a

of all, it’s a destroyer of people’s health. People are sitting with cellphones
they’re eyes and spine are always under stress. Due to it nowadays a lot of
people wearing eyeglasses, always need in medicine support.

disadvantages is that people become addicted to the internet, because of it
when they’re studying always thinking about likes, subscribers, followers, stretch
to see new posts, another people’s photos, videos, media and so on. They’re
totally lost communicating methods, ethics, it’s sadly for us, for humanity…

 Thirdly, propaganda of unfavorable content, illegal information.
This is another side of affecting to humans psychology. They become scared to
real communication, feared to see people and make conversation with them. It’s
negatively affects to people’s social skills too…

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