Descriptive statistics were employed to
characterize the data. Fisher’s exact test and Chi-square test were used for
categorical data. A P value of <0.05 was considered statistically significant. The analysis was carried out using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS 12.0 version ) The results are shown  in tables .  Group A consisted of 12 patients with a mean age of 11.17 +_ 6.86 years (range: 2yrs–20 yrs ). The type of hypospadias was anterior in 7, mid-penile in 4, and posterior in 1. All the cases were managed with TIPS procedure  along with waterproofing by Tunica Vaginalis Flap . All patients had successful repair. Four patients had developed urethrocutaneous fistula , out of which three were healed  conservatively and only one patient required reoperation for fistula . Two patients had developed meatal stenosis which was managed successfully by conservative means . Three patients developed superficial wound dehiscence and two patients have developed marginal necrosis . All cases of marginal necrosis were healed by conservative means . No patients developed severe bladder spasm during hospital stay . Urethral stricture  has not occurred in any of our patients. The mean age in group B was 10+_ 7.54 years (range: 2–23 years ). Total 12 patients were present in group B ,out of which seven has Anterior penile hypospadias and five has mid penile hypospadias  .  TIP urethroplasty was done in all patients with dartos as a waterproofing layer . Seven patients had developed urethrocutaneous fistula but five were managed conservatively . Two patients required re-operation for fistula . Meatal stenosis was noticed in five patients but only one patient required surgery for this . Three patients had developed wound dehiscence, out of which two were healed by itself and one patient required surgery .  One patient had marginal necrosis which was managed conservatively . Surgery was required in only case for its management . Mean follow up period was 7.5 +_ 2.71 months   in Group A and  it was  8.17 +_ 2.76 months in Group B . Follow-up was from 1 to 12 months in group A. Harvesting of the TVF was easy . It was done by either giving a separate incision or by extending the ventral incision posteriorly to access the testis and tunica vaginalis . Although this process took some extra time, this gradually decreased as we climbed the learning curve. Pleasing cosmetic outcome with a vertically oriented slit like meatus at the tip of glans was obtained in all the cases.                  

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