Obviously, war comes up with various
types of motives such as the power, national interest, geographical interest,
and ideology interest. Due to the classical realist perspective, people are
naturally bad and try to dominant the other for own interest. As what we can
observe in this world 21st century, states try to dominant the other
to serve its own interest to enhance its own power and as the result war would
always happen without the end destination or cannot prevented. States would
wage an inter-state war if they see it as necessary step to further their power
or interest, then they will use it as a rational political tool. In
international arena, states want power even the economic power as well as the
military power to ensure the stability and the safe of nation state. Due to the
fact that war is inevitable, states started to seek for alliance or united
themselves with other states to protect each other in which familiar to the
collective security system. Economic power simply refers to the economic welfare
that states desire for since it would help the nation to become more power by
having a sufficient financial to support all kinds of sectors as well as to
strengthen the military capability. As the U.S involvement in Afghanistan war
since 2001 till presents is all about the willingness of ousted the Taliban
regime from the power in a reasons to revenge the terrorist attacked of
Al-Qaida on September 11, 2001 in U.S World Trade Center since it can build U.S
a reputation in counter terrorists groups in Afghanistan. For the national
interest in which RUSSIA can get by involving in Syrian civil war is the demand
of being a great power again, an ambitious of RUSSIA president Vladimir Putin
after began to expand the Russian military to Syria in mid-2000s. Back then, in
cold war period, USSR under presidency of Leonid Brezhnev has provided aid and
military support to Syria government, yet after the collapsed of USSR, the
technical assistance which Syria received from Russia is reduced due to the
fall of its economic. Until now, Putin, a Russia president is started to
involve in Syria again in purpose to make Russia great power again. As the
matter of the fact that have mentioned above, war cannot prevented in the
international arena since states would care about their power and national
interest due to the realist views.

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