technology has influence children all ages. The technologies that surround
almost everyone in modern society are changing day by day and become an
essential tool for daily life. According to the
American Optometric Association’s (AOA) 2015 found that 41 percent of parents
say their kids spend three or more hours per day on digital devices and 66
percent of kids have their own smartphone or tablet. The issue is should a child be allowed
to have full access to technology before the age of five? Technology should be
banned for children under the age of five for three reasons such as
psychological impacts, health impacts, and financial problem.

            First, technology has psychological
impact on children under the age of five. Children will become lack of social
interaction; they do not play with outdoors because they are addicted to
technology such as playing games, and watching video on YouTube. Base on the
experience from my nephew, he is only four year old and he knows how to search videos
cartoons by himself but this also provides negative effect. He does not talk to
anyone and play with the outdoor; he only focuses on his tablet even his mother
buy him toys car. Furthermore, technology also causes emotional problem, if
parent allows their child to watch a movie with scary monsters and ghost; they
will remember those scary faces because children at this age have a hard time
to distinguishing between real and fantasy. According
to Craig Anderson of the American Psychological Association “High levels of
violent video game experience have been linked to crime, fighting at school and
during free play periods, and violent criminal actions.” (Reynolds, 2017)

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            Second, technology influences health
impacts such as eyes effects since children under the age of five year old are
too young to get involve with technology because at this age it is the time of
rapid growth in child body which can easily cause eye effect than the older
age. According to Amy Williams digital device cause eyes strain and its symptoms often include dry, irritated eyes with blurred vision, eye
fatigue, or neck and head aches (Williams, 2017). Additionally,
technology may also lead to mental problem, it depends on what type of movies
or game that they play. If they play or watch violent videos, the kid will
become aggressive as he grows up. According to research show that video games
of violence increase the risk of violent actions in certain children (Tompkins,
2003). In addition, technology also causes physical problem. Children who are involving
in technology also cause obesity because of the combination of technology
activity and physical inactivity. For example, parents allowed children to
watch TV more than four hours per day that make them inactive. Base on the
research children who have TV sets in their bedrooms
are also more likely to gain excess weight than children who don’t (Harvard
T.H. Chan, n.d.).

influence health effect, financial problem is another disadvantage. Parents
need to earn money to afford those gadgets such as iPad, tablet, and
smartphone. As we all recognize children at the age from one to four year old
do not know how to take care of those devices properly and they are careless
when they hold or use it, which can easily break; therefore, parents need to
pay for fixing those device.

            Some people say that technology can
be used as a learning tool. Kid can learn alphabetic and how to spell by
watching YouTube; however, as stated previously, it can affect their eyes. Kids
should be learn by using visible things like books and others IQ equipment in
order to avoid losing of creativity and learn something bad through the
internet. It is essential as long as parents limit the program and the time
they use every day.

            In conclusion, based on what I have
mentioned above there are many drawbacks. Studies conclude that technology will
have psychological impact, health impact on children, and financial problem. Parents
should allow their children to watch educational application only and limit the
time for them to use digital device. Parents should think again before allowed
their children under the age of five to get involve with technology.


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