On January 16th, 1919 the 18th amendments was passed. The 18th amendments is a prohibition made the manufacture and transport of alcoholic beverages illegal. On December 5, 1933 the 21th amendment was passed which was to get rid of the 18th amendment. I believe that this is important to show how some government want one thing but the next wants another.

The needs of others has changed the amendments.  The 18th amendment is the only amendment which the government got rid of. People didn’t really follow the amendment before it was just a clarification for everyone that they can legally drink now. The 18th amendment was first passed in the 1919, but would take effect later on in the 1920. It didn’t BAN alcohol just the manufacture and selling of it in the country. The 18th amendment was removed by the 21th amendment. The 21th amendment was passed on December 5, 1933.

This amendment is one of the important ones because it really shows how the government removes the 18th amendment for it’s own needs.  The 18th amendment really impacted heavy drinkers. The 18th amendment really impacted heavy drinks, because they didn’t get as much alcohol as before the amendment got passed. According to research, Americans back then drank about seven gallons of alcohol a year, which was a lot of alcohol.

After the amendment came out about 10 minutes later there was a crime in, Chicago which was someone stealing a two trains full of whiskey. Many stores shut because they didn’t have legal licenses of owning alcohol. This amendment was to stop crime from occurring, but instead it created even more crime. The 18th amendment was meant for people to stop buying alcohol and spend on things which are more valuable such as life insurance or going to a good private school, but people just spent it on medicines that had alcohol in it or unvaluable things. This really was a flunk of a amendment until the 21th amendment came which got rid of the 18th.

Everything went back to how it was and the crime streak went done and it was very successful. This brought good things to the constitution, because it was really a way to see how things can actually be bummer.  People argue that the 18 and 2th amendment didn’t really matter at all. The 21th amendment was just an excuse for the people to drink again.

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