Howard was a big fan of Talbot Mundy and heavily influenced by him, particularly in his writing of historical and desert adventures.  Girasol is coming out with a complete facsimile edition of the original nine part serial that was published in 1916 and 1917.  Here are the details:

King, of the Khyber Rifles

For nine consecutive issues, from May 1916 to January 1917, Talbot Mundy’s epic eastern adventure delighted fans of the pulp Everybody’s Magazine.

Even more amazing was the overwhelming volume of stunning illustrations by pen & ink master Joseph Clement Coll. Collected here in facsimile form, scanned right from the original pages, is the complete story.  No editing or reset text. See it as it first appeared.
Pulp sized, same overall format as The Exotic Writings of Robert E. Howard. A single volume at 208 pages including introduction.

The most profusely illustrated story of Coll’s career, true to the original.
Additional frontispiece, thought-to-be-an-unpublished Coll pen and ink art!

Limited Edition: $85 + $5 shipping & handling
Regular Edition: $65 + $5 shipping & handling

The Regular Edition will not have the additional frontispiece art, and is not signed or numbered. The LE will ship somewhat ahead of the regular.

 Heck, the amazing Coll drawings alone make it well worth the cover price.

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