On April 14th,
1993 a tourist couple spotted something very unusual in the Scottish lake. It’s parts 80 years of speculation in history about a watery beast
who became known as the Loch Ness monster or we can call its “Nessie”. Nessie is very famous from the part. From
popularity survey, Nessie is more popular than the most famous actor or actress
in the world! Most of people know it and they try to find
more clue about Loch Ness monster. But, I believe
that the Loch Ness monster or Nessie doesn’t exist because
there isn’t evidence confirm that Loch Ness may exist.

         There are a lot of people believe that Loch Ness may exist. The first reason is Loch Ness monster had seen first in 565. And the first picture of Loch Ness monster was taken by Dr. Robert Kenneth Wilson. A year after
sighting the daily mail reported that Marmaduke Wetherell found the footprint
on the shore of the loch. And in 1987, there is an
operation deep scan was the largest search for the monster to date costing
around 4 million dollars in today’s money. The
only information gathered was three sonar contact larger shark but smaller than
a whale. Even if they didn’t found Loch Ness monster but,
this makes Loch Ness monster more popular.

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         There are a lot of pieces of evidence about Loch Ness such
as pictures but, those pictures were fake. The first
picture of Loch Ness by Dr. Robert Kenneth Wilson was
proved to be a fake in 1975 and once again in 1993, it was a toy submarine
outfitted with a sea serpent head. The footprint that was
found by Marmaduke Wetherell was proved to be a fake by the British museum, it
had been made with the stuffed hippopotamus foot toy. Other
than these, Loch Ness monster is very large and eat so much, it can’t live in this place. And in the present,
there are many technologies for examples, google map, sonar, radar. So, if there is Loch Ness monster in the Scottish lake, we can
know easily. But, we used all of the technologies to find
it but, we didn’t  encounter, so it is

         In conclusion, from scientifically proven, I believe that the
Loch Ness monster doesn’t exist. But, if in the future there will be new evidence that can
trust and real. Maybe I will change my mind and believe
that Loch Ness monster exists!

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