On Monday I am walking on the road, and suddenly something coming on mind. Feel like to go church. And I start to walking again and I went there. I saw someone who crying in front of church.And I am going in front of him and I said hello, and he replies me hi, and I start to ask why you crying anyone tell you something bad about you or what happen? He said no I didn’t do want to tell you.I said ok that’s fine but can you tell me what is your name and he said my name is monk. Ooh okay and if you don’t mind can I ask you again why are you crying maybe I can help you, and monk start to tell me did you seen my eyes? I said yes I saw your eyes what is wrong with your eyes? Monk said nothing happen to my eyes but my eyes create a problem to some people because my eyes are big and if I go church there people told me don’t come in church again and if I ask them why not they said if you come our baby here will are scared because off your eyes. They always tell me you doesn’t care about church rules but I feel that I did good to everyone but I didn’t understand why they did like this to me.                 And I said ooh wait for that’s not a big deal they did you monk. And monk said please help me I want to go church that’s my religions too. And I told him as a lawyer I can help you if you really want on your freedom of right. Then a monk said yes want. So I will meet with you tomorrow.On Tuesday we meet again, and I ask a monk about his document if you have anything just keep it ok maybe we need. Monk ask me where we ready to go? I told monk we were ready to go office for applying your issue. Monk said I feel scared, I told monk doesn’t worry nothing will happen I will manage everything. Then we went there, and I apply for a process. And we were waiting for lines few hours ago we get inside. Then they are asking me how I can help you guys? Then I start to tell I’m a lawyer, and he is the monk, he need help that’s why I am going to help him because many people don’t let him go church and they are don’t let him to get his right and I want to apply his case.They ask monk why they did this to you. Monk said they people don’t let me to go church because of my eyes and if I go inside again they are taken out from church they hit me and they used to tell me that your a scared men maybe you will eat our babies so just away from us.Then the officer told us ok. Your process will start in after 1 day latter. And after that we back from office and I told monk now we need some evidence. If doesn’t have any evidence this problem will take longer. So we need it resource. Monk tell me I don’t have any evidence to show them now what can I do. I say monk doesn’t worry we will get some. After that we went my home to eat something. Then I saw in a kitchen there nothing to eat. Then I tell a monk to let’s go the restaurant, and we went there and I brought something to eat.Then I start to eat, and I look at a monk his face look like he doesn’t like to eat I ask you don’t like this food. Monk said no it’s good food I just feel don’t like to eat. I said tell me what happen, and a monk tells I still thinking about that evidence. I told you monk didn’t worry about that anymore. Then we back from the restaurant, and we are sleeping. And then we wake up.             We are ready to go court. Few minutes later we went there then I talk with judges men where is they people are and then few minute later they people also coming who’s hate monk. We meet and time to start. And judges men said now start. I’m a lawyer and I got up to tell judges this is all people who’s trying to take out from church, they’re let him to go inside. Judges men call the monk to stand in accused box. And tell us what really happen to you. Monk said this all people are hit me they always are trying to take up from church.Judges men said. Do you have any evidence?I say, we don’t have any evidence to show you. All people who’s hate monk, their lawyer and judges men told us if you don’t have any evidence. This case will be the stop. Always to court needs an evidence, I told judges men to give a sometimes get somethings to show you please. Judges men told us court will give you a 1 day to get some evidence but now this case stop.So the monk and I come back from court. We went home then my headache how can I help the monk. Then I decided something. And I told monk went church again. And monk said why no I don’t want to go there. If I go again then they will start to hit me so I’m not going. I told a monk nicely.Monk understand.After that monk went church and then they people are start to yell at him again and hit him and I was stand far away from church I take a picture of that after we back from there and next day.               We going court again and our process start judges men ask me do you have anything this time. I told yes I had then I show them that pictures when they were hit him this is my evidence they people are trying to say no this is cheat. We all are yells and talking each other and judges men told us order… And I stop talking judges men say i had evidence and on this picture all of your face and I knew it. Court will give you guys excuse one time. Now if you guys did to him again, consequence would be bad. After that we back from court and few days latter monk is going to church and they’re people are let him to go inside they don’t tell him anything and they all are celebrate the christmas day together and we all are enjoy each other.

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