In 1999 the new host metropolis election process was confirmed by the IOC ( International Olympic Committee ) . Harmonizing to this process, the metropoliss are checked for the rightness of the basic proficient demands. Then the metropoliss which are passed through IOC Executive Board go candidate metropoliss and permitted to go through to offering procedure. During this procedure IOC Evaluation Commission visits and inspects all campaigner metropoliss. Finally at the IOC session the host metropolis will be chosen ( John E. Findling: 265 ) . The host metropolis election process is complicated due to heavy duty which lies down on shoulders of both host metropolis and the IOC. To forestall any sort of errors during Olympic Games the IOC has several proficient demands such as:Transport construct.

Environmental conditions.Adjustment.Experience from the past athletics events.

Sport locales.Finance. ( Factsheet. Host metropolis election facts and figures.

( ) .Leicester ‘s conveyance construct includes transport systems within the metropolis, East Midlands Airport and the Railway station. Particular sections modulate the Leicester ‘s traffic state of affairs. Different IT systems and CCTV cameras provide a existent clip image of the traffic state of affairs within the Leicester. Digital Car Park Signs give all the information about available auto park infinites throughout the metropolis Centre. In add-on, there is a “ Star Trak ” information system which provides “ following coach ” information via marks at coach Michigans ( Leicester City Council.

Transport and streets ) . All these engineerings support efficient traffic flow and guarantee safety for both walkers and drivers. Visitors will happen these installations useful for them. However, the chief job is that how witnesss from every corner of the universe will come to the Leicester.

The metropolis is served by individual railroad station and East Midlands Airport which in add-on plants for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Furthermore, East Midlands serves domestic and European finishs with merely few flights to vacation resorts ( UK Airport Guide. East Midlands Airport ) . This means that more railroad Stationss and international airdrome are needed to run into all the pursuits. In contrast, Beijing spent more than $ 4bn to construct a new airdrome terminus and excess metro lines ( Bristow M. BBC intelligence ) . Apart from this, about ?80m will be spent to better Docklands Light Railway ( DLR ) web in London. In add-on, London will put more than ?900 million to East London Line which will associate the Olympic Park with the metropolis.

Line will link with the DLR, Jubilee and District line and the North London Line ( London 2012.Transport ) . In fact, even more developed metropoliss than Leicester are forced to better their conveyance systems due to Olympic Games.The 2nd standard of the IOC is the environmental status of the future Olympic metropolis. This demand can be to the full satisfied by Leicester as it became Britain ‘s first “ Environment metropolis ” in 1990 and was among 12 metropoliss which took portion in the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 ( Leicester City Council. Environment and planning ) . Since so Leicester keeps high criterions of environmental conditions. For illustration, Leicester City Council uses the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme ( EMAS ) , which helps to conserve environmental criterions.

Equally good as the EMAS, Leicester City Council ‘s Environmental Policy plays critical function in keeping and bettering high environmental conditions in the metropolis. The marks of this policy are decrease of C footmark, bar of pollution, protection of trees and natural environment and publicity of utilizing renewable energy. Throughout this policy Leicester City Council encourages the populace to protect environment where possible ( Leicester City Council. Environment and planning ) . Furthermore, Leicester metropolis achieved important consequences in recycling of wastes. In partnership with Biffa Leicester the metropolis of Leicester created the “ Ball Mill ” recycling installation which can recycle more than 70 % of family waste from landfill. By this installation Leicester can recycle and compost about 33 % of all wastes in the metropolis ( Leicester City Council.

Environment and planning ) . Taking in consideration all these facts Leicester can be proud of their environmental status, whereas Beijing invested about $ 20.5bn over the past 10 old ages to better environmental state of affairs during the readyings for Olympic Games ( Bristow M. BBC News ) . Further, this essay will detect lodging installations where visitants can shack during Olympics.

It goes without stating that the host metropolis meets 1000s of tourers coming for Olympic Games. In 2008, Beijing registered about 382,000 abroad visitants. Organizers expected to run into 500,000 visitants, but visa controls decreased that figure ( ) . Therefore Leicester should hold plenty suites to shack between 300,000 – 400.000 tourers.

Harmonizing to Leicester City Council there are about 26 hotels with more than 2000 suites in Leicester. In add-on, partnership with University of Leicester can supply extra 3096 suites ( Leicester City Council. Environment and planning. 2012 Preparation cantonments ) . As a consequence, there are more than 5200 suites in entire available for approaching visitants. Of class it is non plenty to shack more than 300,000 tourers, hence more adjustment installations should be build.

For illustration, London offers 100,000 hotel suites and about 30,000 beds in pupil adjustments to welcome all the visitants during Games ( London 2012. adjustment ) .Experience of organizing athletics events is of import every bit good as other proficient demands. Leicester has hosted Particular Olympics GB Summer Games two times ( Leicester City Council. Sports and fittingness ) . 2700 jocks from 19 UK parts took portion in 21 athleticss during Particular Olympic gamess 2009 ( Particular Olympics 2009 ) .

Actually, this is priceless experience, but administration of Olympic Games requires the hosting of 26 athleticss with more than 300,000 participants including jocks and witnesss ( London 2012. Games ) .In old paragraphs this essay mentioned different characteristics of the Leicester except athletics locales which are straight connected with Olympic Games. There are might be 100s of hotels, railroad Stationss and airdromes in the host metropolis, but without appropriate athletics installations the metropolis will non host Olympics. Leicester has different athletics locales, including Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium, Braunstone Leisure Centre and athletics installations of Leicester Grammar School.

These locales contain modern installations for badminton, tae-kwon-do, swimming, hoops and etc. However all of them have been already offered as pre-gaming preparation cantonments for jocks coming to London 2012 Olympic Games ( Leicester City Council. 2012 Preparation cantonments ) . In comparing, Beijing has built 12 new bowls which required $ 1.9bn ( Bristow M. BBC News ) .

Equally good as Beijing, London is constructing wholly new Olympic Park which will incorporate nine athletics locales including Olympic Stadium, the Aquatic Centre, the VeloPark and etc ( London 2012. Venues ) . After all, it is clear that present athletics installations of the Leicester should be improved by fiscal support.Fiscal portion of the Olympic undertaking plays important function in organizing Olympic Games. The major metropoliss like Beijing and Athens have spent $ 40bn and $ 16bn severally to host Olympics.

Apart from this, London has already invested $ 22.6bn for 2012 Olympic Games ( Bristow M. BBC News ) .

In contrast, harmonizing to Leicester City Council budget of Leicester in 2008/09 was ?779,788,900. In other words, Leicester should happen more support to host Olympic Games.Finally, I think that Leicester does non hold clear disadvantages in contrast with other metropoliss. However it will take more clip and investings to host Olympics in Leicester than in Beijing or London.

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