One of the most prominent issues that the developing countries are facing is the shortage of power. In Pakistan it is without any doubt one of the most prominent issues that the country is facing. Electricity, gas, fuel and water are the essential and most important parts of anyone’s life and because of their shortage the economy of the country and daily life of its citizens is affected. This is why it is extremely important that we obtain the highest production from the resources that are available to us. In this study we have discussed the efficiency of Kot Addu Power Plat situated in Muzaffargarh by using the real time values of pressure and temperature that are currently being used to operate the plat. Moreover we have also discussed the techniques which can be employed to improve the efficiency of the plant. Kot Addu Power Company Limited (KAPCO) was incorporated on April 25, 1996 by WAPDA in Kot Addu, District Muzaffargarh, Punjab, Pakistan. Main purpose of KAPCO is to operate, own and maintain a multi-fuel fired power station of 15 total generating units with an affirmed capacity of 1,600 MW. The company produces a net electrical output of 25.5% of the total electricity produced by the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and around 9.5% of the total energy generated in Pakistan. The Power Plant is the capable of running on its own in case of country wide blackout. This combined cycle technology of plant makes it able to convert waste heat from the gas turbine exhaust to produce steam in its Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), which in turn is used to run the steam turbines hence resulting in fuel cost efficiency and minimum wastage.The technology that is currently being used in the plant comprises of ten multi-fuel gas turbines, five steam turbines, and ten heat recovery steam generators which have a cumulative efficiency rate of 43%. Other systems included in the plant are cooling towers, oil storage tankers, water extraction and treatment systems and fuel oil treatment plants. One of the most prominent features of KAPCO is that it has the ability of switching between different fuel sources such as natural gas, high speed diesel and low Sulphur furnace oil. The fuel can be switched even when the plant is generating power which gives KAPCO the freedom to generate power on either of the sources or a combination of any two fuels.

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