Online based applications have many advantages.

Its makesapplying for jobs easier as you can apply from anytime anywhere as long as youhave internet access. It allows you to answer more targeted, specific andin-depth informational questions from the candidate which you wouldn’t normallyget from a standard CV. Another advantage is that you can have a lot more timeto think about the questions your answering which will improve your chance withgetting the interview. The cons of onlinehiring involve missing out on qualified candidates, some candidates may notwant to take the time or may not be confident enough with the security of anonline application. There’s always the possibility that your application systemmay operate slowly or lose information during the submission process. Anotherdisadvantage is Without the opportunity for the employer to hold telephone orface to face interviews, it can be difficult to determine if the candidate willbe a good fit and the right person for the company and role.

 Paper application formssometimes can be better than the online application forms. Paper applications,are generally shorter then online applications, they are easier to fill out,you normally would hand in the application along with your CV in person tosomeone who works there or manager, the manager might even offer you aninterview right there on the spot and you could be working as quick as thefollowing week. The online applications can take time to go through thecompany’s system, until it gets submitted and sent to the employer. If the manager is busy, andhas another employee take the application they can easily lose it or can be toolazy to hand it in.

Another con can be some people write messy, and yourhandwriting is visible on an application form. Online applications are done bytyping, so employers don’t see what your hand writing looks like.A CV is an essential, CVmeans Curriculum Vitae, it is agreat way to put all your personal details, key skills, education andqualifications, work experience and your hobbies and interests in one place, itshows the employers a better picture ofwho you are and your professional skills. A CV isnormally tailored for a specific job role which means you can have more thanone CV depending on what job you’re going for. The cons of just sendinga CV application to employers is that it is more likely more people will applyas its easier and less time consuming if you already have a CV made.

Theemployers normally receive many CV applications for a job which has beenadvertised so you have less of a chance of the employer seeing your CV and yougetting an interview. Another disadvantage is you may not get a true sense ifthe candidate is suitable and has the skills for the job required to perform their role. Gaps can also behidden more easily and you may end up interviewing an unsuitable candidate.     

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