* How to plan and develop a Computerized Charge With Online Reservation for Villa Diaz Resort that will assist systematise reserve thru on-line reserve. bring forthing computerized charge. managing records. and bring forthing of study? The Villa Diaz Resort Corporation is runing thru suiting clients by necessitating them a full payment on the needed sum. they are considered a modesty customer/s. In readying of charge statement. they accept payments utilizing bank to bank payment. if the client petition a reserve thru phone call. A manual payment may be accommodated to walk-in customer/s. Managing records are accurate and orderly filling of records of customer/s personal information by encoding informations and easy retrieval of records and can easy place the customer’s position if he/she is a regular client or non. Generation of studies will give information. position of operation of their services and mentions to find and proctors fiscal standing of the concern by bring forthing a studies at any given clip. ( day-to-day. hebdomadal. monthly and one-year studies ) Specific Problems

* How to plan and develop a faculty that reserve will manage the first semen foremost function? The Villa Diaz are presently utilizing a manual reserve and holding trouble in finding the first semen foremost serve footing. A customer/s will do a reserve of a locale thru phone call reserve and no payment has been made and a customer/s who avail the same reserve thru walk-in and pay on clip. * How to develop and plan a faculty that will automatically calculate the measure? The Villa Diaz Resort compute the entire appraisals of the client manually utilizing a reckoner device to come up the entire measures for payment by the customer/s. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours all the minutess were written on the logbook and will fix a drumhead study for the twenty-four hours. * How to plan and develop a faculty that will easy pull off the records? The Villa Diaz Resort is presently utilizing a logbook in their current system. They do non hold any package to utilize in maintaining records of the customer’s information. The direction is holding troubles in recovering informations due to disorganise filling of records. They are holding a difficult clip in maintaining their records and recovering due to miss of infinite in their countries.

* How to plan and develop a web page to advance the Villa Diaz Resort? The Villa Diaz Resort has little opportunity to hold more costumiers coming from other topographic points because of uncomplete stuffs to do a selling schemes in advertisement / advancing the said topographic point. * How to plan and develop a faculty that will bring forth accurate studies? The resort is presently utilizing logbook in entering their day-to-day minutess. And it is clip devouring and their forces are holding trouble in fixing their drumhead manually by reassigning the information from one logbook to another logbook. 2. 2Proposed Research Undertaking

2. 2. 1 General Aims
* To plan and develop a Computerized Billing System with Online Reservation For Villa Diaz Resort that will assist their reserve. charge. managing records. and bring forthing of study systematized. The Analyst will urge the Villa Diaz Resort an easy manner to utilize Computerized Billing System with Online Reservation. to ease the procedure by holding a Pre Reserve to the client a clip to pay their reserve fee by utilizing a first semen foremost function method. In bring forthing charge statement. the analysts will plan a system to bring forth an accurate charge statement and online payment utilizing bank to bank payment for their reserve fee for the convenient of their clients. The company will advise the customer/s every bit shortly as payment was already confirmed to the bank. Pull offing the records in easy manner of recording and recovering the information of a needed information and to generates studies at any given clip ( day-to-day. hebdomadal. monthly and annually ) . 2. 2. 2 Specific Aims

* To develop and plan a faculty that will gives a pre-reserve adjustment from their client requesting for reserve. The analyst will develop a pre-reserve system utilizing their first come foremost serve footing reserve. To be a “reserved customer” . payment should be made within 48 hours. * To develop and plan a faculty that will easy pull off records. By utilizing this faculty the forces will hive away accurate recording of all information needed and easy retrieval of paperss. The database have all the information in all the minutess made by the resort and can see all types of reserves either thru phone calls or walk-in clients.

* To plan and develop a faculty that will bring forth accurate studies. These engineerings are use by the many companies today. The faculty will be designed that can bring forth studies because of the designed database. It collects all the informations that was inputted in the faculty. And the study will automatically screen all the informations in the database to bring forth studies as needed. * T O design and develop a web page that will advance the Villa Diaz Resort. This faculty will advance the resort in different topographic points through the usage of cyberspace. The clients can see all information and comfortss of the said resort. 2. 2. 3 Scope and Restrictions

This system was designed for Villa Diaz Resort to concentrate non merely on advertizement and publicity but thru online reserve. enquiries to the rates. handiness of suites and locale and policy pertaining to the usage of topographic point. The undermentioned range are included in the system:

This is the manner of keeping the topographic point in good status for the satisfaction of the costumiers to hold a good feedback or repute of Villa Diaz Resort.
Person who uses other people to derive advantage entity that has authorization to utilize an application. equipments. installation. procedure or system. Behind this user will hold a manage users. active. admin user. system admin.

A Person. Company or other entity which buy goods and services produced by another individual for their ain demands. pleasance and satisfaction.
Promo and price reduction
Where in an constitution gives the client some promo and price reduction to advance their services and other installations of Villa Diaz Resort in
low-cost monetary value with same good quality of service.

This is a public publicity. Promoting the concern in footings of broadcast medium on air. Like commercials on telecasting to catch the costumiers attendings to goods and services. It helps people to cognize and turn up the Villa Diaz Resort and give some information about their resort. Package

Where the client get price reduction or low-cost monetary value with agreement of services. Selective service to complement on costumiers demands. Selective service to finish their staying at Villa Diaz Resort. Package is offered in every types of constitution or concern. Where in a specific service is assorted to other service offered by the concern. Every concern has different types of scheme on their bundles.

Home page
The Home page is where the client can see all information about the resorts installations. locales. suites. location and the image of the Villa Diaz Resort Reservation
The reserve is where the client filled out information through online which is a demand to be sent to the direction of the resort to admit their reserve. Gallery
The gallery is where the client can see all the installations and comfortss all about the resort.

About Us
It described or shows all about the resort and its contact information. Admin Log-in
The resort’s Admin Log-in is merely for the people who registered or subscribed to the wed page that can entree to see all the information of the resort. User Care
The user care is for the usage of the resort’s admin merely. This is for redacting intent as to updating the information of the resort sing reserve facets that will be viewed throughout the web site.

This is where the client replies all inquiries needed and filled up the information signifier for reserve and will be forwarded to the direction of the resort. The clients of import information should be furnished before a reserve is eventually acknowledge.

Bungalows and Room rates
It contains the prices/rates of the different types of bungalows. suites and marquees that the resorts direction offered. Check In
This is where the customer/s can come in the topographic point on an allowed clip to check-in. and will formalize the customer’s information during his/her reserve. The necessary sum should be paid by the customer/s before come ining or usage of the resort.

Check Out
This is where the client check-out. Before go forthing the forces from the resort will formalize if the clients have an extra charges and to look into the place/rooms used by the clients if it is in order and all comfortss inside the room are complete. The clients will settle any extra charges before they leave the topographic point. Restrictions

Bank payment:
The payment for reserve fee can merely be paid thru the assigned bank by Villa Diaz Resort if the reserve was made thru phone call reserve. 2. 2. 4 Methodology
* Rapid Application Development ( RAD ) refers to a type of package development methodological analysis that uses minimum planning in favor of rapid prototyping. The “planning” of package developed utilizing RAD is interleaved with composing the package itself. The deficiency of extended pre-planning by and large allows package to be written much faster. and makes it easier to alter demands. * Analysis And Quick Design – In this stage the advocates analyze every possible informations and thought every bit good as the new tendencies of engineering. after analysing all the possible informations and thought of the analysts makes a speedy design for the system. * Prototype Cycles – In this stage the analyst will heighten the speedy system design and do it more efficient for the client. This stage does non halt until they meet the necessary end product rhythm repeats to do the coveted end product of the system. * Testing – In this stage the analyst will carry on some series of trial in the system looking for all possible mistakes and bugs. * Implementation – After some series of proving in the system and if there is no mistake found. A system will be implemented on the client site every bit shortly as the said faculty is available.

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