Have you noticed that some of your Facebook friends like certain advertizements? Sellers know what Facebook users like and are utilizing that cognition to act upon users’ friends. “Social context ads” are based on informations collected on the likes and friends of Facebook users. When you click on ad indicating that you like it. you besides give Facebook permission to portion that penchant with all your friends. Sellers like this characteristic because it appears as though you are backing the trade name to your friends. Nike bought ads on users’ home pages in 20 states prior to the World Cup. and Ford uses Facebook’s societal context ads to advance the Explorer. Although most ads on Facebook costs every bit small as $ 1 per chink for sellers. the entire cost for a societal context ad can be every bit much as $ 100. 000.

1. Which factors are sellers publicizing on Facebook utilizing to act upon consumers? Would you be influenced by an ad if you saw your friends liked it?

I. as a consumer. ne’er truly hinge on what other people think of the merchandise. Whether they like it or non. I still have my ain perceptual experience. Although it is really rather a good thing that I’m able to see what my friends on Facebook likes since it is clearly a signifier of advertisement. I get introduced to different and up to day of the month merchandises and services.

2. How would you experience about Facebook utilizing your name in these types of ads?

I really don’t have anything against this thought every bit long as my name merely pops out when I truly ‘liked’ the point. It’s really a good manner to besides back up the people who spend their clip to fabricate a merchandise that we use. I don’t even mind composing something about a merchandise that’s truly gotten my involvement.

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