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Opportunities and Challenges of the Internet

In a universe of light-speed informations transmittal, any single with small preparation and expertness can do a luck from the Internet. Many companies, like E-bay or Amazon.com, thrive from concern done merely through Internet minutess. As computing machine engineering progresses, informations transmittal becomes faster, and every bit high degree encoding becomes available for public usage, the sum of Internet consumers besides grows. Technology progresss besides allow employees to work from place faster and safer.

A director & # 8217 ; s first challenge is to make a presence on the web. With a phone line, computing machine, and HyperText Markup Language ( HTML ) authoring tools, a concern can publicize or make concern over the Internet. HTML authoring tools can be freeware, like Sausage Software & # 8217 ; s Hot Dog, or advanced and expensive public-service corporations like Microsoft Front Page. Any computing machine user familiar with a word processor can efficaciously utilize these applications with minimum preparation. Puting the HTML and in writing files on an Internet service supplier & # 8217 ; s ( ISP ) waiters is sufficient for comparatively low traffic sites. Some on-line concerns, like Amazon.com, handle 100s of 1000s of people, or hits, everyday. They require specialised hardware and telegraphing to command the huge sum of traffic on there site per twenty-four hours.

A director & # 8217 ; s 2nd challenge is to do the concern & # 8217 ; s net site seeable on the Internet. The first measure in this procedure would be registering a sphere name. Every computing machine connected to the Internet has a alone figure attached to it called an IP reference. To simplify happening specific computing machines on the & # 8216 ; Net, the Numberss where substituted with assumed name called sphere names. The names come in two degrees, before and after the & # 8220 ; dot & # 8221 ; . Fees are by and large a $ 70 startup cost so $ 35 per twelvemonth to keep the licence of the name. Network Solutions Inc. is the official registrar of sphere names. Persons in the yesteryear have registered company names, like Coca-Cola, to themselves and so sold the sphere licence to the company for 1000s of dollars. There are presently more than four million sphere names registered with Network Solutions. Domain name enrollment is non required but makes your site much easier to happen.

Another manner to do your site seeable is to register certain keywords with the most popular hunt engines like Yokel! and Alta Vista. Keywords are a little figure of words that describe your site and concern. These are the words web surfboarders will most likely type in to happen your page. Ad on other & # 8217 ; s sites is besides an effectual method of advancing your site.

The director & # 8217 ; s 3rd and most hard undertaking will be to do the web site utile, easy to utilize, and speedy to lade. An illustration of a great web site is the book gross revenues site run by Amazon.com. The site doesn & # 8217 ; t incorporate any complex artworks and tonss rapidly. If the webmaster can keep his breath while the page is lading, it is considered a rapidly loading page. The order and hunt system is easy and speedy to utilize. The user can easy happen and construe any relevant informations. In contrast, Microsoft & # 8217 ; s corporate site is a awful illustration of what a company & # 8217 ; s web site should look like. The page takes a long clip to burden and frequently clangs Netscape Navigator. Most significantly, it is about impossible to happen any utile informational on Microsoft & # 8217 ; s site. Any downloads or proficient support message boards are buried and passworded. The watchwords are free and easy to obtain but you must give Microsoft information about yourself some surfboarders are uncomfortable with giving out, particularly to Microsoft.

The most important ground for a director to hold his company accessible on the Internet is to distribute the company & # 8217 ; s name throughout the full universe. Before any director should believe about making a web presence and before any foreman should O.K. it, a clear program for contents and execution should be made. The & # 8216 ; Net doesn & # 8217 ; t need any longer useless sites like Pepsi & # 8217 ; s and Nike & # 8217 ; s corporate sites. A web page without any utile information will non make return visitants. A web site without focal point will make defeat among surfboarders. Amazon.com has one end: sell books. Pepsi & # 8217 ; s site, dripping with corporate propaganda, is a hit-or-miss listing of merchandises and sponsored concerts. A director should make up one’s mind the chief ground to make a web presence. Is it to supply a service, like E-bay? Is it to sell a merchandise, like Amazon.com? Is it to let clients direct entree to proficient and client support?

An of import portion in pulling returning visitants is maintaining path of where people are looking most often in your site. A s

imple book from a scheduling linguistic communication called Common Gateway Interface ( CGI ) can be used to maintain path of how many surfboarders go where. Most ISPs offer CGI scripting services.

A better manner to track how people use your site is e-mail response signifiers. The sum of informations you receive will be much less than the CGI scripting but more valuable as you get to read surfboarder & # 8217 ; s sentiments about your site, non merely where they & # 8217 ; ve been. Most HTML authoring tools, like Hot Dog and Front Page can easy put up these signifiers. Unethical webmasters can in secret obtain information about surfboarder & # 8217 ; s computing machines, like the user & # 8217 ; s name and the package presently being used in the system, through this method. Amazon.com uses this method to simplify transportation. By typing in your name, reference, and charging information one time, it remembers the information on every other order.

Another, and sometimes secondary, concern is security. A director must be careful that, wherever the files are kept, that they are unafraid. Any random cracker or serious hacker can interrupt into the most unafraid system. The Pentagon and the FBI have been hacked legion times. These cases represent concentrated and targeted attempts by hackers looking for acknowledgment. Hacks can run from graffito to industrial espionage. Most likely Internet concern are more concerned with recognition card fraud and watchword crackers. Both recognition card fraud and watchword snap is surprisingly easy. The algorithms are taught in any high school-level scheduling or algebra category. Even 128-bit military degree encoding can be broken, it merely takes long than standard 40-bit.

Even the best firewall, watchword, and encoding engineering is useless if your employees are susceptible to & # 8220 ; emotional engineering. & # 8221 ; Most employees will give up information if asked in the right manner. Even if a director & # 8217 ; s employees don & # 8217 ; t cognize decision maker or supervisor watchwords, they can give away apparently unimportant spots of information that are really critical choice morsels to hackers. An employee & # 8217 ; s greyware is your most of import plus. Social Security Numberss should non be counted as a valid signifier of designation. They are merely somewhat harder to happen than phone Numberss.

Every serious systems decision maker and director should read the Rainbow Books. Harmonizing to the Department of Defense, the Rainbow Books are & # 8220 ; . . .released by the Department of Defense, in alliance with other organisations, in effort to inform System Administrators of information which is critical to computing machine web systems. & # 8221 ; Each book, titled after a colour, defines the authoritiess web security processs. The books give new significance to the phrase & # 8220 ; Close enough for authorities work. & # 8221 ;

Security concerns are most urgent when directors have telecommuting employees. Any household member could pick up information vital to the company & # 8217 ; s involvements whether by accident or on intent. A director should specify security processs and watchword limitations. Name callings and birthdays should be purely off bounds. Passwords should be alpha-numeric. Stings with both letters and Numberss are about impossible for package to check and frequently excessively complicated to crackers to think at. Family members are particularly susceptible to emotional technology and must be warned any information learned can ne’er be passed on to anyone.

A new networking engineering, called Domain and Type Enforcement ( DTE ) , allow directors and system decision makers to give files specific degrees of security harmonizing to the file & # 8217 ; s sensitiveness. Other networking merchandises like, Novell Netware, has offered similar characteristics but DTE introduces criterions for file protection and simplifies the procedure of protecting files. DTE protection doesn & # 8217 ; t prevent hackers from deriving illegal entree to waiters but it does drastically cut down the graduated table on which they can make damage by curtailing the sum of files they have entree to.

Any enterprising director can do a luck from nil by utilizing the Internet as a medium. Yokel! has made it & # 8217 ; s proprietors 1000000s and has ternary digit stock monetary values. A company with a focussed and utile web site and take advantage of 100s of 1000000s of surfboarders.

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