Before 1990, most of Vietnamese endeavors is province owned with particular orgnization constructions. After 20 old ages of developtment, what is large alteration on theoretical account of Vietnamese endeavors? This research will give a brief history of Vietnamese enterprice with some typical alteration in its organisational constructions and some its positive result.

Organization Structure Of State Owned Enterprises

More than 30 old ages ago, if a westerner man of affairs visited a Vietnamese endeavor, he would see a batch of differences between Vietnamese endeavors and his state experience. In American or Europe, the CEO have the most powerful individual to command a house truly. But in Vietnam back in those yearss, the CEO could n’t make up one’s mind everything. Everything from fabricating to carry throughing a program was decided by a group of four people called the “ foursome ” or “ Bo Tu ” in Vietnamese linguistic communication. Why there were 4 people to make up one’s mind a job?

The research workers of the organisational theory would believe that because in this period, Vietnamese endeavors may use level organisation stype or the Nipponese organisation theoretical account. In 1992, when I read a Nipponese one-year study by Kline Shipping Company, I noticed that there were 23 frailty presidents. That was a unusual thing to me. Later on, I knew that many Nipponese company applied Bloasted construction with increasing Numberss of director at each degree as shown by the image below ( 1 ) .

In above construction, there might be a batch of directors in different degree but merely a few had a specific function. The remains were seniors, who ‘ve worked at the company for a long clip, did lend but merely kept a portion as an adviser merely.

Back to the narrative about the company leaders in Vietnam 30 old ages ago, this was n’t about the level construction, but this is the narrative about ownership and leading of Communism party in each endeavor. As we aware, a company construction depends on the proprietor and the company mark. In Vietnam at that clip, province ain endeavors ( SOE ) belongs to Vietnamese authorities. The SOEs had established to execute the specific concern or public activities in order to accomplish socio-economic by the State. In order to carry through their mark, in that period of clip, the Vietnamese Communism wholly led. That means all the northern Vietnam SOEs had a communits party organisation penetration. The most of import individual in the company organisation was really powerful. Every manager ‘s determinations must follow with the declarations of the Party commission, must be brought into treatment in the quarterfinals

Party Committee Secretary In An Vietnamese Enterprise

A Secretary of Party Committee was the most of import individual in a province owned endeavor. This place could be compared to the board president nowadays. In an SOE, party organisations were formed into a system from top direction to bottom in the endeavor ‘s workshop. In the unit of production such as workshops, map divisions as program division, salary division, disposal division etc had party cells. These cells ‘ director was the party commission in the company. Members of these commissions are frequently a manager, frailty manager, president of brotherhood, secretary of the young person conference and a few other members. The top of this party commission was communist party secretary. Most of the managers must be members of commissions. In 1990, seldom did they have a communist party secretary hold the place of manager.

The power of the party secretaries are formed from 7 beginnings in a similar manner division of Jones ( 2010 ) as Authority, Control over resources ; Control over information ; Nonsubstituability ; Centrality ; Control over uncertainness ; Unobtrusive power ( 2 ) . The authorization of a secretary was based on the Party ‘s ordinance prescribed that Party wholly led everything, including production, concern and societal activities in enterprice. Second but more significantly, Secretary of Party Committee besides controls over other resources. Although the Secretary does non organize direct direction of resources such as money, labour, natural stuffs, fuel, engine, tools, but basically, the caput director are party members, so Secretary he can keep these resources.

In short, because the Secretary has millipede ‘s legs system into all endeavor ‘s units and has power tool as “ party declaration ” in manus, so his power is really high. If managers want to deploy a large trade that without the consent of the Party Committee, he may be considered as interrupting party ‘s subject.

Director of An Old Vietnamese Enterprise

In paper signifier, a manager has highest places and he is top leader in an SOEs. However, the existent function of manager in the past and presents is clearly different. In the 80s and 90s, sentences like “ shop keepers larger than manager ” or “ driver over the caput ” are widespread in Vietnam. Why? There were many grounds but they all brought together in the failing of the manager ‘s powerful. He did non hold the right to fire the workers who were lazy and misdemeanors. Most of the workers in that clip applied to “ payroll ” a signifier of lifetime employment contract, and it is really difficult to be irrevokable. In the subject, Director could non use the signifier “ Hot range regulation ” with warning system, immediate burn ( enforced instantly ) as the current. In order to derive a concern leader, the managers have several methods as put ining the stopper their forces into the units, recognizing forces from their cabals. This state of affairs is similar to what Parkinson discovered as from 1914 to 1928 the figure of builded ships reduced 68 % , but the figure of shipyards, ship fix rose 40 % and the figure of officers, foremans was up to 79 % . Mr. Parkinson argued on two causes of this state of affairs as the managers wanted to divide and split the units of the section to weed out the opposition “ an officer wants to multiply, subsidiaries, non challengers ” . They wanted to do the more units, division to make a stately, power etc. Of class, the managers of SOE could non & amp ; did non hold a opportunity reading capitalist economy books and knew Parkinson. But the leading required them to make their ain power in the ways which Parkinson discovered. This was why the bureaucratism province in SOEs was really high.

Chairman of labour brotherhood

In the yesteryear, the brotherhoods of Vietnamese SOEs have wholly different nature from the one in Europe, America. They have no dialogue map, deal map or subscribe a corporate labour understanding etc, althought 100 % of SOEs employees must take part in the brotherhood, pay brotherhood fees, societal insurance and acquiring pension after retirement. Union of the SOE is led by a executive commission with brotherhood president on the top. Normally, the brotherhood president is besides a member of the Party Committee. Therefore, the brotherhood chair is one of the highest four members of the concern. Every twelvemonth, the SOEs have a big meeting called the Congress workers and employees. Comparing with quality and size, there is non much differences from the one-year stockholder meeting presents.

Secretary of Communist youth brotherhood

The 4th member of the quartet of SOEs is a Secretary of Communist youth brotherhood. Similar to the brotherhood, all SOE set up young person conferences so that the full immature employees can take part in activities. The function of the secretary of the youth brotherhood is less than brotherhood because he does n’t keep any portion of seven resources listed above. However, in many SOE, the secretary of this brotherhood is the nearby campaigner to take the higher place. Generally, in private companies, main selling, main fiscal is normally able to be campaigners for higher office manager. But as the right arm of the Party, the secretary of the youth brotherhood in the SOE has better conditions than the other director in order to go manager or party commission secretary

e. The Organizational Model Of SOE In 20 Old ages Ago

As mentioned above, the quartet decided is the determination shaper for the of import issues of an endeavor. The Party secretaries have an ain system from the top direction to the of import unit. The managers have a separate system as good with some frailty managers, lower degrees including directors and so chief and supervisors. Trade brotherhoods and youth brotherhood have their heads, executive commission and many members in each division, units. These four constructions have composed a bureaucratism theoretical account, which was described by Max Weber ( 1864-1920 ) that “ a signifier of organisational construction in which people can be held accountable for their actions because they are required to move in conformity with regulations and criterion operating processs ( Jones, 2010, p.156 ) ” ( 3 )

This theoretical account has some advantages in conformity with certain sectors. But if it exists in the concern endeavor, it will make bureaucratism which cost really high and big construction with many degrees. This will be became a failing, inefficient decentalisation construction.

The undermentioned diagram depicting a construction typical of the bulk of most SOEs in old periods

The first changing of SOEs in period of 1990

The Government Resolution no 217 ( 4 )

The state-owned endeavors in this period still remained under the authorities centralized planning. SOEs province endeavors could non be active input and end product monetary values because the monetary value system still had mistakes every bit good as the Government ‘s accommodating in allowing recognition and monetary value subsidies, loss… which led to lax fiscal direction in province.

With these unreasonable points in forming, the bureaucratic construction in subsidising clip, which the SOE is n’t active, is self-control in production and concern. The company had no selling section every bit good as wants to advance their merchandise launches. All goods were made into the general distribution of the State. The merchandising monetary value was besides fixed uniformly throughout the state. This state of affairs lasted for old ages, and was a ground for hapless economic development of Vietnam.

In the 80s, confronting the pressing affairs of agricultural production, the Communist Party had made of import reforms in its “ Khoan 10 ” in agribusiness. Immediately, the state of affairs improved. The Vietnam from a state invariably hungry had turned into a state with adequate nutrient so became a taking rice exporter in the universe. After the success in agribusiness, the industrial sector was considered advanced.

In 1986, with 217/HDBT determination which was issued by the Government on 14/11/1987, every concern endeavor had created a large alteration, thanks to the of import policy. The new policy had given the liberty in production and concern for SOEs. Harmonizing to this Decision, SOEs must do economic accounting, with grosss covering outgos ; the State did non cover losingss such as old degrees. To give the enterprise to the endeavors, the State had reduced the regulation marks, until 1989, most SOEs had made merely a individual mark regulations as Tax collectible and net income ‘s part. With this determination, the SOEs had been untied.

New functions of manager

To implement this policy, the function of managers improved significantly. A new term which is often used by the imperativeness in those yearss was “ the exclusive head ” . The most powerful adult male in concern was the manager now, non party commission secretaries any longer. This policy had created important alterations in concern.

The manager as the concern leaders could do determinations every bit long as it was non contrary to jurisprudence. Everything might non necessitate to be approved by the Secretary once more. Directors may make up one’s mind any affairs of concern, production, sale and rating merchandises. In this alteration, the manager can take authorization, can command over of import resources and apportion internal resources as financian, hard currency, work force, stuffs, machinery etc.

But it did brush oppositions. Some extremists even said that “ 217 push the party out ” . Although many rights had been expanded, the power of the manager was still limited in some place. For illustration, the Chief Accountant had superior direction, issues related to the manager which had non been decided. Chief Accountant had the right to decline to pass money as the manager ‘s petition. However, a new function of manager had been a dramatic change.A


Current Organization Structure Of Enterprises

Laws on Enterprices in 1999 and 2005

In the late 80th and early 90th, the SOEs assumed the function of the dominant economic system with 12 1000 endeavors and keep cardinal places in non-agricultural sectors. In Mar 1989, the Communist Party had an of import alteration which was still considered province played a cardinal function, but “ non needfully represent a big proportion in all industries ” . The “ unfastened door ” policy, which named as “ doi moi ” , had brought positive result. One research of Adam Fforde was remarked that:

“ This was clear in 1990s, when GDP information showed a lifting portion produced by the province sector, accompanied by rapid growing and macro-economic stableness – an result about unthinkable in other developing states through seeable historically elsewhere, such as France after the Second World war ” ( 6 )

The following discovery after determination 217, the Vietnamese authorities had conducted a series of steps to form the restructuring of SOEs as pilot equalisations plan in 1993, enacted statute law on State Enterprises in April 1995 ; determination nos 20-1998/CT-TTg directives on promoting, restructuring, reform of SOEs.

These were the conditions for the following of import measure which was the formation of the Enterprise Law. In 1999, the first concern jurisprudence in Vietnam was approved by the National Assembly. This jurisprudence had had a positive impact to take obstructions, in order to go an of import platform for the development of the private sector. Harmonizing to statistics the Ministry of Planning and Investment, merely five old ages get downing in 2000 until the terminal of 2005, there was about 160,752 companies registered, 3.3 times the entire figure of registered endeavors established for the period 1991-1999.

After more than six old ages of implementing the Enterprise Law in 1999, in 2005 the Law was amended to spread out concern one measure further. Vietnamese citizens were entitled to free concern, trade any sector what is non prohibited by jurisprudence, contributed to emancipate and develop productiveness and economic growing, boosted the formation and flawlessness of market economy-oriented Socialism in Vietnam

New theoretical accounts of Vietnamese Enterprise

With the new Law on Enterprise, Vietnamese Government recognized the some types of ownership and elaborate ordinances on the different signifiers of company in Vietnam. The typical theoretical accounts are quote on this Law as follows:

A Limited liability companies with two or more members. In which, the figure of members shall non transcend 50s and all member shall be apt for the debts and other belongings duties of the endeavor within the sum of capital that it has undertaken to lend to the endeavor.

One member limited liability companies. This sort of endeavor owned by one organisation or single. The company proprietor shall be apt for all debts and other belongings duties of the company within the sum of the charter capital of the company. One member limited liability companies may non publish portions. Presently many SOEs are bit by bit moved to run under this theoretical account.

Shareholding Companies. In this theoretical account, the charter capital shall be divided into equal parts called portions ; The minimal figure of stockholders shall be three and there shall be no limitation on the upper limit. Stockholders shall be apt for the debts and other belongings duties of the endeavor merely within the sum of capital contributed to the endeavor. Shareholding companies may publish all types of securities to raise financess.

Partnerships. A partnership is an endeavor with at least two members being co-owners of the company jointly carry oning concern under one common name. The proprietors shall be apt for the duties of the company to the extent of all of their assets ; Partnerships may non publish any type of securities.

Private endeavors. Private endeavors owned by one person who shall be apt for all activities of the endeavor to the extent of all his or her assets. Private endeavors may non publish any type of securities besides.

Corporate groups. “ A corporate group means a aggregation of companies holding close dealingss with each other on a long term footing in footings of economic involvements, engineering, market and other concern services ” . This theoretical account can include some type as: “ Parent company and subordinate companies ” ; “ Economic group ” and other signifiers. ( 5 )

Organizational Structure of a Vietnamese Shareholding Company

On top of all listed types of company above, Joint Stock Company is an advanced signifier. Presently the figure of company portions the bulk. These companies are involved in the Vietnamese stock market. Transparency, the organisational construction of these companies is nearing to universe criterions. The organisational theoretical account of joint stock companies in Vietnam is finishing. A theoretical account of joint stock companies listed on stock is shown below ( 6 ) .

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders ( AGM ) is the highest authorization of the Company. The AGM can O.K. the audited fiscal statements, the maestro concern program of the Company ; the one-year dividend, elect the Board, Auditor ; amend Charter ; make up one’s mind to sell the assets of the Company with a value of 50 % or more of entire assets

Chairman. Board of Vietnamese companies normally has from 5-11 people. Leader is the Chairman. Enterprise Law is included three articles 108, 109, 110 ordinances on rights, duties and criterions of the Board. Due to issues of ownership and operating in Vietnam are non separated as in corporate America, so Chairman in most companies have tremendous power, sometimes straight operates a whole portion or indirect control.

General Director. Board will name a its member as Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) in a period of clip which is normally three ( 3 ) old ages. Powers and responsibilities of managers have increased dramatically compared with 30 last twelvemonth. Director is on behalf of the company and signed contracts every bit good as commercial funding, organisation and production operations on day-to-day concern of the Company under the best direction patterns. He besides implements one-year concern program, which is approved by the AGM and at Board blessing. Due to issues of ownership and concentration of power that many companies in Vietnam, including listed companies choose one individual to transport out two responsibilities as president and CEO.


In last 20 old ages, organisational construction of Vietnamese endeavors has changed way from decentalisation in to centralisation. The function of the person as president, manager or CEO becomes higher. The altering on policies affects to enterprise activities and gives a positive consequences with increasing grosss and net incomes.

The new organisational construction of a concern is consistent with the universe. This is confirmed to guarantee companies successfully integrate Vietnam.

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