We have come together as a squad to work on and finish the Organizational Structure Presentation due in Week Five. It has non been easy. but we have adopted a “get-it-done” attitude. and have overcome some challenges along the manner. We could hold done some things otherwise. such as making another program. But we managed to hold worked it through for the best. What worked good for us was taking control of the assignment and the “get-it-done” attitude we adopted one time we began pass oning. We were able to delegate team members different parts to work on. and each was posted in clip and was put together good. The best was when one individual took all the posters and as able to set it all together and redact the undertaking. Unlike finishing Part I of the Organizational Structure Presentation Action Plan. we did run into a few challenges finishing Part II. One of these challenges was losing a squad member. Unfortunately this was non a planned alteration and took the whole squad by surprise.

In order to get the better of this challenge. we had to implement a alteration by spliting up the excess work. This needed communicating and dialogue on the squad leader’s portion and communicating and via media on the squad member’s portion. What we would make otherwise if we had the chance. is created another action program. After losing a squad mate at six o’clock the eventide that the paper was to be submitted. and with the staying squad couples being incognizant that the state of affairs was happening. we had to go to to the present program. We would hold chosen another action program. We would hold chosen another action program because the first program was null after losing a squad mate. but through coaction and small clip we submitted on clip. In decision. we were able to make our deadline because of the strength of the staying squad members who began pass oning and had the “get it done attitude. ” Although we ran into complications and challenges of losing a member. we were able to get the better of by spliting up the excess work. dialogue. via media. and communicating without altering the action program.

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