Oscar EstelaAmanda Bird English29/1/2018THE BREADWINNERTheme: Women can’t do anything but if they truly want to do it and they are desperate for it they can.Intro: Where you aware,that up to 78 percent of the rural Afghanistan women have no access, at all, to health care? After all Parvana’s family are in this situation and they go through all and overcome this situation. Some will state that women cannot do anything but they are some reasons why women can do things if they are desperate for and if they truly want it.Point 2: Firstly, one example of this is when Deborah Ellis states that Nooria was going to marry a boy from the outside cities of Afghanistan. “Nooria is getting married” (Ellis 118). This quote clearly demonstrates that women cannot do anything if they are not with a men or without the permission of the men, as the gender role states that the men are the head of the family, the ones that bring the money to the house. But, women can do things if they are willing to accept the risks, as Nooria is taking it when she wants to cross the frontier to marry a boy. Ultimately, women are extremely restricted with what they are able to do; however, if they are willing to take a risk, their lives could change for the better. Point 1: Adding on, in order to survive, it is necessary to take risks. In this novel, the risksthat occur have to do with women appearing to not being able to do anything, but in reality, they can and do. This is evidence when and, “they were going to change her into a boy” (Ellis 61). In this quote, the author wanted to show us to what level of intelligence women can get to if they really want it. Changing a girl into a boy in Afghanistan has high risks of death of of going to jail. To conclude, this quote clearly illustrates that even though women in Afghanistan do not have the same rights as men, Parvana’s family has demonstrated with this action that they that they are brave enough to take risks to survive. Counterclaim: Certainly it could be said that humans could live a life without taking risk but while this is a good point in this novel when Parvana takes risks she achieves what she wants. Living without risks fails to take into account that do you really think that living without risks is living a good and healthy or fun or entertained life?Conclusion: Finally, this evidence clearly exposes that women do not have the same rights as men and that they are prohibited to do the same things as them, but if women really are daring for it and they truly want it, they can.

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